Sunday Setlist

So I have decided to finally get off my duff and actually get involved in the Sunday Setlist carnival at fred mckinnon’s blog. Its been one whole year since Fred started the sunday setlist program on his blog, and it is an honor to be a part of it. If you are a blogger or worship leader, or just a christian who loves worship, feel free to blog about your church’s worship set and join in the party.

Well, today is tuesday. Not Sunday, but I needed two whole days to work through and process everything that happened in my own heart this past sunday, let alone to go ahead and make comments about the worship service. It has been a rough month for our worship team. Leandro, who is our current worship leader announced that he and his wife would be leaving the church to go back to Bible College and eventually branch out into missions work. With this news came a lot of turmoil as no one really knows what is going to happen with the worship team following his departure.

Now, this church has had many different routes to worship in the past. we have had skilled leaders and unskilled leaders. We had even had leaders come over from the iHop just down the street. But right now, there is no one who jumps out as being ready and qualified to lead the team. The next problem we are facing is that there has been a lack of serious comittment by a number of people who would like to be on the team, but only once in a while. With no steady drummer or keyboard player, once Leandro leaves we will only have an accoustic guitar, a bass and a flute that are steadily active in the team. While these are great and are certainly enough to worship God with, it is a serious stripping down from the current sound and structure. This would mean an entire retooling of the worship department to adapt to the new sound. So obviously I would ask that all of you keep the church and the worship team in your prayers.

With this heaviness, we had a very simple set planned out for sunday morning. Our four song set included “You, You are God”, “Worthy”, “Hosanna”, and “Blessed is the one”. “You, You are God” written by Zach and Walker over at Gateway, during their time at CFNI. is always a great song. Albeit hard to pull off properly witout an electric guitar. The church likes the song, so it tends to get a solid participation from the congregation. We ended this song and transitioned right into Matt Redman’s “Worthy” This song is nice, but to be honest, I am kind of tired of it, as we have done it at least once a month for over a year now. The song played well with the congregation and quite a few people were captivated by the move of Holy Spirit. At our church we have communion readily available for people to take at any time during the service. It was during this song that a lot of the folks began to head that direction.

The third song on our list was Hillsong’s “Hosanna” This is a beautiful song that most people know, but we have only been doing it in our services since this past Easter, so it hasn’t quite gone stale yet. This song gets a mixed reaction from the congregation every time. Many people are deeply moved and can feel the presence of the Lord in a powerful way during this song and yet others seem almost bored or anoyed. Its an interesting phenomenon.

The final song on our setlist is a personal favourite of mine. “Blessed is the one” written by Tom Ewing and recently recorded on the latest CFNI Release Perfect Love is a brilliant worship tune that brings me to my knees every time. for those of you who haven’t heard the song I feel sorry that you are missing out, but I have good news. Its on youtube. This is footage from the live recording at CFNI. This song really resonates with the people. It also one that has the most work involved in our set. As there is no chord chart available for this song, we had to listen to the tune and transcribe it ourselves. This song literally went for 12 minutes and even then the church was still fully engaged. I think we could sing it all day and it wouldn’t get old. It just had a power of the presence that made the song perfect for the day.

With as much of the presence of God as I felt during the set, i completely lost my focus on all the issues our team was having and simply let myself go into the river. It was refressing. Well, I need to hit the Gym, so I will wrap this up…. I will close this with the blessing of Aaron. “May the Lord bless you and keep you. My he shine his fatherly countenance upon you and give you peace!”


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  1. the Lord looks on the heart
    for everything under the sun there is a season
    Rev: 5:11
    worship is not about having polished music
    it’s not about you

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