Sunday Setlist…

Well, as I mentioned before, Our Worship leader is leaving the church to go to Missions School. Next week is his last week. This week, he was gone because he was asked to speak at a spanish church in Texas. This is interesting, because he is portuguese, and it makes the translation more interesting.

With Leandro being out of town, we had a guest worship leader. This week Our Pastor’s daughter lead the service. She is a Graduate of the Christ For The Nations Institute’s 2 year College, and is preparing to head back to CFNI for the third year Worship Leadership Intensive.

The setlist was fairly simple. We started with ‘I Am Free’ by John Egan. Transitioned into ‘Meet With Me’ by Maranatha Music. Then we did ‘Blessed is the One’ by Tom Ewing (CFNI) and ended with ‘Favourite One’ by Misty Edwards.

Because Leandro leads from the guitar we let one of the girls from our team play. This was excellent inasmuch as it gives someone else a chance to play. The Problem is that she has never played guitar with a band before, and has never played the worship teams song list. She only plays songs from her own worship book. So she has never played ‘I am Free’, ‘Meet With Me’, nor ‘Blessed is the one’ This meant her timing on all the songs was just a hair off. But, I am glad that as the set went on The overall sound of the band came together. If she practices with the band and practices our songs, she will definately be a great asset to the team.

As for how the set itself went. We started 15 minutes before service with the new Jesus Culture album.  Many people came up after and asked us what the CD was and where they can get it. Jesus Culture goes over really well at CTC. With the song service, everyone knew the songs and seemed to get into them. During the Song ‘Blessed is the One’ The song has a line in it ‘He comes to wash the stains, he comes to break the chains.’ Our pastor used this as chance to let an older Gentleman share a testimony of God breaking the Chains in his life. He has suffered with anxiety issues his whole life. Recently the Lord revealed to him in prayer that his Mother, who had miscarried her first child, had a lot of anxiety about the thought of miscarrying him. This Fear root came in from the womb, and has sat with him for 81 years. But after God revealed it to him he got some people to agree for the generational curse to be broken and is free from fear and anxiety. His wife said it is a whole new man, and he has never been this peaceful.

God is awesome and moves mightily!! If you want ot share yoru setlist, feel free to do so at


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