Two Sets in Two Cities (The Traveling Worshiper)

This is a ‘Sunday Setlist’ Recap. I am joining with worship leaders from all over the world on

Fred Mckinnon over at TWC calls this segment Sunday Setlists, where worship leaders recap the services they lead on sundays. I however do not go to church on Sunday’s. My congregation meets on Friday nights in downtown Lawrence, KS. This past friday however, I lead two separate sets in two different cities. Friday  morning I was called upon to lead an hour long set at the City on a Hill gathering in Topeka, KS. This was a 24/7 worship service that ran from 7pm thursday night through till 7 am saturday morning.

This was an interesting experience. When we got to the top of the hill for the outdoor service, there were three people there worshiping, and the  person who had been leading before me had his keyboard break down in the middle of his set, so he was leading acapella. As you can imagine he was happy I had arrived on time.

When I tuned up and got on the stage, I had a relatively easy set. I opened with ‘Even Greater’ from Planetshakers, moved to a time of instrumental worship and prayer, then went on to Brian Johnson’s (of Bethel Church) ‘Love Came down’ which I moved right into ‘Love Came Down’ by Ben Cantelon.  After this, I  moved into more instrumental worship. I finished my set with  Jeremy Riddle’s ‘More than a Friend’ which I transitioned into some spontaneous worship and a repraise of more than a friend. This was a great time, I was glad I brought a few friends with me, because it would have ended up just being me and the soudn man otherwise.

After this, I returned home and began preapring for my set at church that night. This was a delight. I had a few guests come that I had met recently at a conference. The set this night was similar, but not identical. I began with Gungor’s rendition of ‘Say So’ into Derek Loux’s rendition of ‘We will Dance’. I transitioned for that into ‘Even Greater’ from Planetshakers. Then I moved to ‘Love Came Down’ by Johnson, and finished with ‘Beautiful Things’ also from Gungor.

This service was splendid, the church worshiped and praised with lots of energy during the first two songs, and the energy was palpable. Even greater is a song I had never done with this group before, but they really seemed to enjoy it and The Spirit of God was increasing faith in the hearts of the people.

I love the congregation in Lawrence, it is a smaller group than many people lead before, but they love to worship. If I wanted, I could keep the music going for the whole service and no one would complain, though my fingers might bleed a bit. I am truly blessed of the Lord to serve alongside these warriors.


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