First Month of Internship.

Well, it has officially been a whole month that I have been living here in Lawrence, KS and interning with warring dove International Ministries. This has been one of the busiest months I have had in a long time. Let me give you a quick update.

The first day I moved in, I had to get everything unpacked in 2 hours, because we needed to return the uhaul, and then get on the road to Topeka. We spent the next several days helping a Pastor relocate. He was a pastor of a church that also ran a thrift shop to help keep the finances in order. They ended up losing their building, so they moved the store to two separate locations on opposite ends of the City. God has really provided for them. They are now running two store locations and were given a warehouse that is about the size of a football field. Their thrifting business is really starting to take off. A permanent home for the Church has not yet been found, but They are trusting in God and a temporary location is already awaiting them.

After we helped them with this, we traveled down to Grove, Ok, to celebrate Rosh Hashannah with Rabbi Curt Landry at House of David Ministries. The Rabbi is a wonderful man of God. I know not all of you who read this participate in the Traditional Jewish Feasts, but Getting back to the Jewish Roots of our faith is something that The Lord has really been talking to me about recently. It was an honor to Celebrate with our Brothers there in Grove.

The next day we had to begin setting up for our Weekend of Music and Ministry at Haskell Indian Nations University. Haskell is right here in Lawrence, and is the Only First Nations/Native American university in the country. This is where the tribes send their children, and many of the students from this University go on to be elders and leaders in their own Tribe. For this weekend, We had Rain Song First Nations music (Terry and Darlene Wildman) The First night of the Event was held on campus at Stidham Hall. The second night was held a few blocks away at the Douglas County Fairgrounds. Then sunday we returned to Stidham hall and ministered once again on campus. This was a great weekend, because while we were having our ministry, Haskell as a whole was having Pow-Wow. For those who are not First Nations, you may not know the significance of Pow-Wow. This is a time wherein the people come together and celebrate, fellowship, and partake in many of the Native customs that make the tribes so unique. Also during this time, Haskell had its annual Art Fair. Native Jewelers and artists from many different tribes brought their art to sell at this time. As you could imagine this is a ver busy time for the college and many people are on campus that might not otherwise have been there. We were blessed by this, because as Terry and His wife made their great music to Creator God, and Worshiped his son Jesus, the sound of the song, which was very native in its tone, drew in people who heard it. This was a wonderful outreach and the beginning, I believe, of many open doors to the Gospel of Jesus Christ at Haskell Indian Nations University.
While we have been doing these events, we have also been Having our Regular Friday Night Fire Services at the Portal in downtown Lawrence. The Portal is our church home site, located right on Massachusetts street where the party scene and the bars are. God has been faithful in moving in our services, lives are being touched, people are being healed, the oppressed are being set free. It is a great time. Recently, I have been asked to take up as the Worship Leader at the friday night services. I am very excited about this and am hoping to begin building a worship team, so I am not holding the whole service work myself. Please pray that the Lord provides more/better music and sound equipment to our ministry. This past weekend someone donated to us a used sound board. It has I believe 12 channels, and I will be going out to pick it up in the next few days. The same person who donated this also Gave me a microphone. He did this separate from his gift to the ministry, because he believes that God has great plans for me in worship, and thinks I will need equipment of my own that I can better serve. This may not seem like a big deal to many, but sound boards and microphones get expensive fast.
Since I am asking for prayer in this area, here are some of the things we need. A CD recorder so that we can easily record all services at the Portal and begin sharing the Word of The Lord with others outside our own congregation. New Speakers; the ones we have right now are old, small, and not very good. If we could get a hold of a nice set of speakers that would increase our overall sound quality. A New Electric Guitar Amplifier. The one that I have currently is a digital amplifier and does not create the best sound. It is a blessing for what it does Do, but I am praying for a New Tube Amplifier to build a better worship sound. Keep praying that God continues to Provide as he already has.
Also, aside from our Friday night services, we have a school of ministry. Tuesday nights we have class/study from 7-10. At current, we are going through Kevin J Connor’s book, The Church In The New Testament It is a wonderful look at how the Church in the New Testament operated and was run. Then it also compares this to how we run our churches in this Modern Era. When we finish this book, we will begin a Survey Class. We will do both, Old Testament Survey as well as New Testament Survey. Aside from this class, twice a month we have The Worship College. This is a school where we study Biblical forms of Worship, and then also we hold classes for different instruments. Currently we are doing The Basic Biblical Worship course and a Beginner Guitar Course. These classes are open to anyone, if you want to come take them you can. I do not know all the details for Cost and things of that nature, but if you want to try it out, you can and the Leaders will discuss enrollment with you then.
The Weekend after our Ministry at Haskell, Chuck Pierce came to Topeka, KS. Our ministry was on staff at this wonderful event where Chuck, Rabbi Curt Landry, Dr. Jay Swallow and other came to Reestablish the Spirit of God in the City of Topeka. 100 Years earlier, Dr. Charles Parham experienced a great movement of the Spirit of God flow in Topeka and his ministry. During this time, He declared that a century Later, the Lord would once again pour out his spirit on his people, and that the coming move would far supersede the previous. The Churches of Topeka want to See Jesus Reign in their City, and see a move of God that transforms the city even to the government level. It was a blessing to be a part of this great night.
The Following weekend, a group of pastors from Topeka rented out Burnett’s Mound, the highest hill in the City for a Worship Gathering. The Gathering began thursday night and went on through till saturday morning when they had a sunrise service on the hill. Our ministry was privileged to be a part of this Ministry. Our Leaders ministered on Thursday night, and then we came back the next morning where I was blessed to lead an hour of Worship on the hill.
I know this has been a long letter, but It has been an action packed month. I have learned and Experienced a lot on the road to becoming an ordained minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As well as the full time Internship for the ministry I am also looking for a part time Job to help with expenses like food, rent, the things everyone needs. Please pray that the Lord provides quickly. Also, if you are interested in supporting me on this journey, please email me I will give you more info on how you can do that.


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  1. Sounds great. I am glad that things are working out well and you a getting to be a real part of the ministry. I know that the LORD is going to use this season in your life to a greatness that we can not even understand! Love you and do pray all the time. Keep me personally updated when ever a new prayer request comes in please. You know Sat and I will be on it!

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