Come Away – Jesus Culture (Review)

Once again, the fine folks at have asked me to be a part of a Worship album review. I am becoming a regular contributer there and they are a blessing to worship alongside. This time, the album in Question is “Come Away” by Jesus Culture. They provided me the CD so that I can review it.

Track List:
1. Come Away
2. Rooftops
3. You Are My Passion
4. I Want To Know You
5. My Soul Longs For You
6. Freedom Reigns
7. Let It Rain
8. Mighty Breath of God
9. Show Me Your Glory
10. One Thing Remains

If you do not know, Jesus Culture is the Youth/Young Adults ministry of Bethel Church in Redding, CA. Jesus Culture already has four Albums available both in stores and on itunes; Everything, We Cry Out, Your Love Never Fails, and Consumed. All four are good albums and worth listening to.

Come Away which is the Fifth live offering from Jesus Culture is pretty much exactly what I expected it to be. After my initial listening through the CD, I enjoyed it, but was not blown away. However as I continued to listen over the weekend, it grew on me and I noticed things that I hadn’t before.

The CD opens with the Title track which is one of the Highlights. Come Away is a song of which I describe as reverse worship. Much worship is our songs to God, but this is a song from God to us. This is a song that would be perfect to play during an altar call. It is God calling us to open our hearts and let him in. It is very singable and will adapt well for most teams in worship.

Jesus Culture is known for doing plenty of covers, and when I saw ‘Rooftops’ listed at #2 on the track listing, I was expecting a cover of the Desperation Band song ‘From The Rooftops’ I was excited when it turned out to be a song I have never heard before. The song is solid, and will fit in most any church’s lineup. I was enamored with the bridge wherein Kim Walker-Smith sings ‘Here I am, I stand with arms wide open to The One, The Son, The Everlasting God.’
The next song on the album is ‘I want to Know You’ Chris Quilala leads this passionate song which is about much as the title would suggest, A burning desire to know God. This song is very simple and would fit into any worship teams rotation. Jesus Culture plays with a simple palm muted guitar with some drive and chug. Nothing heavy, not fancy strumming. It is simple and very effective as it builds to the chorus which is played with a little delay and some added drums. This I would mark as the second Highlight of the Album for me.

Back at summertime, Jesus Culture released an EP called My Passion. Two of the songs from that EP, ‘You are My Passion’ and ‘Show Me Your Glory’ made it onto this CD. Both songs are good, and ‘Show me Your Glory’ is a song I quickly included in my Worship Setlists once it was released earlier this year.

There are three covers on this album; ‘My Soul Longs for You’ originally by Misty Edwards, ‘Freedom Reigns’ which has been done by many including Rita Springer and Jason Upton, and also ‘Let It Rain’ by Pocket Full of Rocks.

Though these are covers, in true Jesus Culture Fashion they manage to take songs that are old and breathe a fresh life into them.

Truth be told, I cringed when I saw ‘My Soul Longs For You’ on the track listing, because Having lived in Kansas City and having been active with IHOP-KC I heard that song to the point of exhaustion. But wen I heard the Jesus Culture team doing it, I was not only pleased, but I truly was able to enjoy the song again. That is impressive to me.

After the 3 covers, they come back to original songs with ‘Mighty Breath of God’ This is a soft song about the presence of God, and its a song that asks God to send his presence. As with everything else on this album, it is a song well suited for congregational worship and will do will in most contemporary churches.

For my third Highlight song, I loved the ending song ‘One Thing Remains’ This song is a little faster paced that I was honestly expecting. But the Chorus goes as follows ‘Your Love Never Fails, it never gives up, it never runs out on me.’ I love this. So simple, one of the finest truths of the bible and I never tire of Singing it.

Over all I was pleased with this album. Jesus Culture is a great team and produces great worship. Which this is not a life changing CD for me, it is definitely something that will be seeing regular rotation in my ipod for a while.



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