JOY – Reviewing new music from IHOP-KC

The guys over at have sent me another CD to review. This time it is Joy from IHOP-KC

On Black Friday, IHOP-KC’s Forerunner Music released their latest Live album. It is called ‘Joy – Songs from the IHOP Student Awakening’ I must admit, I have been looking forward to this album since @justinrizzoihop tweeted about it over the summer. The main reason I am excited is because I spent a lot of time at the IHOP Student Awakening. I was in many of the services that were recorded for the Live album. As you can imagine this makes me feel a strongner connection with the CD because I can remember all the mighty works that God was doing in my life at the time of the Awakening.

The Album begins with Laura Hackett and her team leading the song ‘Joyful Joyful’ which is a modernized rendition of the Classic Christmas Hymn ‘Joyful, Joyful, We adore thee.’ However, This song moves away from the basic Christmas nature of the song and focuses more on the Joy of God and the Pleasures of Loving him. This is a song that would fit well in a church service all year round.

It then goes into the Awakening Melody with Justin Rizzo and his worship team which is a wonderful Celtic inspired instrumental track. This gives way to my personal favourite song on the whole album, ‘Marriage Wine’ from Jon Rizzo which is Justin’s Younger Brother. This song speaks of The Joy of The Father, The Gladness of His heart, and the Marriage of the Bride with Christ. I was there in person the night That John first released this prophetic song and was undone by the Father’s Love for me. It blew me away in a way I hadn’t experienced in some time.

After this, we come back to Laura Hackett’s team with the song ‘He’s Alive’ this is a good song and quite singable. It is one that might work well with a church congregation, but it is very much done in the IHOP style of music. It is followed by Matt Gilman’s song ‘Every Captive Free’ which is one of my highlights on this album. Matt is known for writing the song ‘Holy’ whch has been covered by Jesus Culture and Klaus Kuehn among others. ‘Every Captive Free’ is not a vertical worship song in that it isn’t singing about God’s attributes, but rather its us remembering what he has done and the freedom he has given. Its just delightful and Matt has the perfect voice and feel for this type of song.

Misty Edwards makes her only appearance on this album with the song ‘I Knew What I was getting Into’ I am not really a Misty Edwards fan, but this song I like, because its a song about the fact that Walking with Jesus is not always simple, but we press on anyway and there is great reward.

The Next two songs ‘freedom’ and “Percussion Instrumental’ are both from Justin Rizzo and his team and are mainly instrumental songs. They are wonderful, but not really the songs you are going to adopt into your Service Song Rotation.

Cory Asbury and his team appear next with the song ‘Holy Ghost Party’ this is a great youth song. Heavy with the synth and other unique sounds in the song it is upbeat with almost an electronic feel to it. Its not one that would bode well in a mixed congregation, but for youth services, its great.

Finally the album ends with ‘Sekinah’ by Jaye Thomas. This is My Second favourite song after ‘Marriage Wine’ This is probably the most congregational friendly song on the album. Its slow to mid tempo through much of the song. Its a song of a people waiting on the Lord to manifest himself in our midst. Its a great song of Waiting on the Lord. I have used this in several services already, and will continue to do so for a while.

Over all, I rank this as the best Live album the IHOP-KC has ever put out. The mix of songs is just wonderful and the variety on the CD makes for a solid hour of live music. If you have 9.90, go and buy the album from itunes.

as always, comments, questions, and other misc. things welcomed. Now that you have read this Review, I recomend you check out the rest of my Blog. Thanks for joining me.


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