What Forigners know about worship…

Recently, I was in Obregon, Mexico. It is a decent sized city on the west coast of Mexico in the state of Sonora. Now, my Spanish is decent, but it is not the best. While I was there, I saw something that touched my heart. As a worship leader, I love to watch people who are passionate worshipers. While in Obregon, I met some of the most passionate worshipers I have ever had the privilege of meeting.

This church didn’t have the best worship team I have ever seen, but it was among the most passionate. They understand a simple concept of worship that many of us in America miss. Love on Jesus till he comes. We have great worship sets that fit into our nice programs. Most churches sing for 30 minutes or so and then move on to the next portion of the service. While I was in wroship with my friends in Obregon, I noticed the worship go over an hour, and when it was done and the service move on, it wasn’t because the people weren’t engaged, but because it was time for the word of God to be released.

In our services, we get excited when the songs go good, and worship is nice. But in Obregon, they get excited because the presence of god is evident, and the people are being touched and changed. There is a hunger and a desire for the Lord that is not nearly as evident elsewhere in the world. I have been in services where the worship was 30 minutes and still people complained that there was too much singing.

I am reminded of Jesus’ last night before going to the cross when he went up to pray, and brought a few of his closest friends with him. They began to fall asleep as he was praying, and he was disappointed, “Couldn’t you last one hour with me?” I often think he says this to us in our worship services, and our lives.

We can devote hours of our time to many things, but when it is time for us to be with him, we get restless and we often leave before he has time to do what he wants. This is true not just of our worship, but every aspect of our spiritual lives. We find so much pleasure i the things we invest our time in. Movies, music, Television, work, family, among others, but The Creator of The universe has so much more pleasure to unleash unto us. The scriptures say that at his right hand there are eternal pleasures. That means pleasures that will not end once the super bowl happens or when my favourite band breaks up. Eternal pleasures that will last forever and ever.

I am encouraged by the worship of the people in Obregon, and I only hope that we  can have the same Hunger, Passion and worship like they do,


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I am a Man on a Mission, A Missionary. I worship, I Love the Word, and I love the Glorious Gospel. How can I help you pursue Christ more?

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