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This is a blogging for Books Post. Waterbrook Multnomah provided the book free of charge so that I could review it.

I have been taught about faith since I was a child. I have heard sermons and read books from many great faith preachers. But none has challenged me as much as Steven Furtick.

In his book sun stand still he discusses the God who does the incredible to provide for his people. Unlike many faith preachers who tell stories of grandeur and make them seem almost unattainable, Furtick manages to make even the most miraculous thing seem merely commonplace.

We server a God of the miraculous, who some even describe as naturally supernatural. But we in our own lives barely make it to naturally natural. But Furtick urges us to move to “Audacious Faith”

After having read this book, I am realizing that I am not living near my potential. In the past I have been told this, but it never reached into my heart. Now, I am striving to believe for the impossible and move into Audacious Faith


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