Becoming a Fruit Tree – Peace

So, I promised all 9 fruits of the spirit. However I got side tracked. Today is wednesday which is my usual day where I am teaching the College group, but we are on a spring break so instead I will teach all of you. I do not know when we will be picking our college group back up as we are entering a season of heavy traveling and ministering in the ministry. Places on the Agenda; Coffeyville KS, Mexico, India, Germany, Israel, Oklahoma, Nebraska? Thee may be more added soon, we will just have to wait and see. Continue to pray for me, and believe God with me for my provision. The Life of a Missions intern is always fun, just sometimes requires a lot of faith. Anyway, onto the lesson on Peace. — The Lesson on peace comes from an amazing passage in scripture; 2nd Chronicles 20:1-30. For the sake of Brevity, I will not post the whole passage here, but I did hyperlink it so you can read it if you so desire. This story shows us the power of peace. The natural antithesis of peace is Fear. If you are following in the story, you would understand that Fear seems natural when you have an army waiting to destroy you and your nation. However Jehoshaphat did not succumb to that fear instead lets look at a breakdown of his reaction.

  • Vs 3: “Was afraid, and turned his attentions to the Lord.”
    • It didn’t say he had no fear. he was afraid, but instead of focusing on the fear, and the situation, he instead turned his attentions to the Lord.
  • Vs 3-4: “Proclaimed a fast in all of Judah, they gathered to seek the Lord.”
    • In the midst of his situation, he gathered with those who were like-minded, because they knew that to stand in the peace of God would require unity.
  • Vs 6-2: King Jehoshaphat reminds the Lord, and the people of Judah of all God’s past faithfulness up to verse 9. Then shifts in Verse 10 and proclaims his faith that his God will be faithful in this trial.
  • Vs 12: “we do not know what to do, but we fix our eyes on you.”
    • Jehoshaphat realized he had no answers, but knew that God would be faithful to answer. So he trusted in the Lord.
      • Jeremiah 29:11, 33:3
  • Vs 14-17: The Holy Spirit comes upon a lowly Levite. He prophesies the word of the Lord concerning Judah’s situation.
  • Vs 20: “Believe God and be established, Believe his prophets, and prosper.”
    • God wants us to trust him, not only with our mouth, but with our actions. When we do as he has asked, we can be strengthened and succeed.
  • Vs 21-23: Judah marches toward the battle. The whole way, they release their praises to God. He had not required this, but they trusted him so implicitly that they were able to praise, and shout with Joy. Then, God took out their enemies before them. They didn’t have to lift a finger, God did all the work.
  • Vs 25: After the Lord had vanquished their enemies, they were able to raid the camps and take the spoils. So much so that It took the army three days to retrieve all the spoils and bring them back home.

Now, what all have we learned through this? Peace is the result of Firmly Trusting in God. In life, you will have many opportunities to succumb to fear, or rise above it and trust in God. How does one achieve peace?

  1. Turn your eyes to find God
    1. Vs. 3 & 12
  2. Listen and Obey His word
    1. Vs.  14-20
  3. Praise Him
    1. Before The Storm
    2. During The Storm
    3. After The Storm

A final thought: In Roman’s 16:19 God has promised that he will Crush Satan underneath our feat. When we enter a situation that brings fear, we need to remember that God will crush Satan. When we remember this, it becomes easier to maintain our peace because HE WINS over evil. As always, comments, questions, thoughts, & love welcomed.


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