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So I already wrote two blogs about the same chapter of one book. So what? I am a blogger, I don’t follow your rules, If I want to write the same thing everyday I can. But this time I want to do a review of the book as a whole. You see it took me longer to work through this book than I expected. Truth be told, I am not really done, because once you start reading this book and letting it sink into your Spirit, you need to spend some time.

There is a 21-day plan attached to the book which is what I am currently working through. But I wanted to take some time to discuss the book as a whole. Stovall Weems writes on the subject of awakening. This is a term I hear thrown around a lot but never truly pointed toward.  For instance, we speak of the “Great Awakening and the things happened with that. We might speak of awakening as simply people becoming more active in the church, or we might have other ideas.

Pastor Stovall looks at it differently. He looks at awakening as something deeply personal. Awakening is your Spirit opening itself to the Lord in a new way to grow spiritually, and to change, and conform more to his ways. It is an acceptance of the Revelation of Jesus Christ to become active in your life.

The thing about awakening is that it is extremely contagious. If you are awakened to Jesus in a life changing way, others notice. They see God moving in you and on you, and they are drawn to you. Then your personal awakening becomes a community awakening. I posit that if more of us truly read and understood the teaching in this book we would see our land healed. See 2nd Chronicles 7:14.

This is a life changing book. It will teach you how to grow in spiritual disciplines that will cause you to Grow in Christ. In Luke 2:52 it said that Jesus “Grew in wisdom, stature, and favour among God and man.” If he had to grow, why do we think we do not need to? If you read Stovall’s book, and apply the principles he teaches in a practical way, you will never be the same.

If you are reading this, I want to encourage you to read the post I published last night, “The Packiam Pickle” It really challenged me, and is still doing so, much like this book is challenging me.


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