Thinking about Mexico… Part 1 Music.

I decided that the best way to start this recap of my recent trip to Obregon, Mexico is to discuss their music. We were primarily working with Vision Church. They have a worship team that would rival any I have ever seen. In terms of their musical ability, they are as good as a “Hillsong” or “Jesus Culture.” If you refer to their ability to flow with the Holy Spirit, they are as good as a “Rick Pino” or a “Jason Upton” or a “Jake Hamilton” The fact is that these kids can flat out worship. It was a true privilege to be with them for a week and experience their worship.

Musically, they did a combination of translated songs and original compositions. Everything they did was fantastic, in fact, I want to translate some of their original songs into English and  use them here in the states. As for their translated songs. Several of them were translated in house because they did not have access to a translated form. They did the song “rooftops” by Jesus Culture and they did the translation themselves because it hasn’t been done in Spanish yet. That is true talent.

However, it is not their songs, or their skills that really impressed me. It was their ability to flow with the spirit of God. Each musician was so in tune with the Holy Spirit that they knew when to play, when to rest, how to play, etc… As we were ministering to the people in the services, they would play instrumental spontaneous worship. As the spirit was flowing they followed. When the spirit was releasing healing, they could sense it and they played songs that fit that. When the spirit was moving in power and might, they saw it and played accordingly.

Their drummer, who happens to be the son of the pastor is quite possibly the best drummer I have ever known. He understands each piece of his kit in a way most drummers dream of and he utilizes them flawlessly. That is not to single him out, because every player on the team is phenomenal, but there is something about having a skilled drummer that can take a worship team or band to a whole new level.  If I worked for a record label like Integrity or Kingsway, I would be seriously contacting them about a contract.

The thing about this team that amazes me is their humility. I was told that one of the musicians has been approached by several well respected worship ministries about playing for them, but he knows that God has planted him in this congregation and he is supposed to serve in this church. How many of us would turn down the opportunity for fame and traveling and recognition simply to serve in a local church? That is something that is rare to find.

It is an honor to call this fine group of musicians and worshipers my brothers and sisters. God has connected me to them in a way that is more than simply “I met them” I know that I will be working alongside them more and we will be seeing a lot of each other.

there is more coming, keep an eye on the blog over the rest of this week as I continue to discuss Obregon.


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