In a Pit With a Lion on a Snowy Day [Review]


As part of the Blogging For Books program, I am reviewing the book: In a Pit With a Lion on a Snowy Day. The book was provided free of Charge by Waterbrook Multnomah for the purposes of reading and reviewing.

Mark Batterson captured my attention simply by the quote on the back cover of this book. It says, “What if the Life you really want, and the future God wants for you, is hiding right now in your biggest problem, your worst failure, or your worst fear?”

WOW! This is such a profound question, you see, we often look at the bad times of our life and want to say its the works of the Devil trying to draw us away from the plans and purposes of God. What if that was wrong, what if it was God trying to draw you out of the filth and bringing you into his Future Hope?

I hadn’t even opened the book and already I felt the need to repent, you see I have been at one of the best and worst times of  my life. I am serving in ministry full time, traveling the world, leading powerful worship times, teaching in other countries, living the Life. However in the midst of this is financial hardship. I am not making a lot of money. I have some supporters but not alot. I pay my bills and live tight. What if this is God pulling me through the hardship to his Plans and Purposes, what if this is the test that reveals my true motives and heart toward him?

The  book is centered around the Biblical story of Beniah. In 2nd samuel 23:20 the Bible tells us of how Beniah went into a pit in the midst of the snow and killed a lion. He was one of David’s Mighty Men. Over time however, he rose to become the Top Military advisor under King David.

Beniah had faith to trust his God that if he was to go against the Lion, that the Lord would deliver him. This book is about Radical Faith. Much like Sun Stand Still by Steven Furtick which I also reviewed.

Throughout the course of this book, Mark Batterson shows you the Seven traits that make up the DNA of a Lion Chaser. Those being; Overcoming Adversity, Unlearning Fears, Embracing Uncertainty, Calculating Risks, Seizing Opportunities, Defying Odds, and Looking Foolish.

In the past, I have heard sermons and read books with similar themes, however in this  book, Batterson manages to present it in a new way and explores a wonderful Biblical Lifestyle. This is not a book you sit and read quickly, each skill listed above is something that as you read you should examine yourself with prayer and soul searching. Each chapter, I asked the Lord to come and reveal to me how I could strengthen myself in the areas discussed in the book.

IF you have the time and opportunity, I recommend  this book as something you should read. I am beginning to love books that build faith, this is not something that was always the case, but I guess I just need my faith built up more.

I mentioned earlier that I am serving in ministry, if you are willing to donate to help support me that would be amazing. Any gift is helpful. If you think you can help, or feel a desire to help, send me an email.


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