The Hour Before

So Rob Rash is doing a series on his website called “The Hour Before” wherein he is having worship leaders describe the hour before their worship service. He asked me if I would be willing to share my own account of “The Hour Before” and he will be publishing it on his website. So with that said, here we go.

It’s 9am on a Sunday and I am standing in my kitchen grabbing a quick cup of Hot Tea, or at least I wish I were. Usually it ends up being a glass of water. My phone rings and it is my ride. I grab my bag and head out the door. We drive over to the church and head into the sanctuary.

It’s 9:10 as I am turning on our sad little PA system who is usually kind enough to growl at me for making her go through another Service. I grumble to my self and say a prayer that finances will come in and we will be able to set up a proper church sound system.

By 9:15 the gang is all here and ready to go. We say a prayer together asking for God to come into our service, to align our hearts with his heart and the heart of our pastor. We pray that he would take control and that we would simply follow his will. With a nice religious AMEN! I begin sharing some last minutes thoughts about the songs we are planning on using for today’s service. Peace is hitting me.

We play through our songs for about a half an hour making sure we are still prepared and ready to go, and at 9:45 I dismiss everyone and tell them to drink, use the can, etc… basically prepare for worship to begin. My iPod is plugged in through an amp and I click play to let some worship greet people as they come in for service. Now I can grab some more water and then kneel down for a quick moment of prayer. Its nice as I focus my mind even more on him. I need to have his heart for the people, and I need to have him, I can’t take them into his presence if I don’t know how to get there and haven’t been there myself.

Its suddenly 9:55, where did the morning go. I begin to round up the worship team and get them into their places. It’s 9:59 as I kick off and welcome everyone to Eagle Rock. Now its time to pray and officially begin the service. I know that God is here, and he is going to touch people’s life. Some days it is a tangible presence you can feel, and sometimes its an act of faith to trust that he is here, but it never fails, he is ready to join us in worship… It’s 10:00 and the service has begun.

What about you, how does the hour before your church service go? Perhaps you aren’t a worship leader, but you are important to your church. Share your experiences in the comments section.

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  1. For me, we’re already playing at an hour before since we get there at 8am (service at 9:45.) So I suppose it looks like this:

    8:45 – Continue through the rest of the songs. Make sure everyone is on the some page.
    9:20(ish) – Talk through the entire set. Talk through each transition. Perhaps do an intro one more time as needed.
    9:25 – All the team gathers together at the sound booth for prayer. Either myself, the pastor or an elder will lead the A/V and worship team in a dedication prayer. Afterwards, everyone scatters to get coffee, say hello, use the bathroom etc.
    9:35 – I typically head off into our overflow room (nobody is there yet) and take a minute to pray and focus on the Lord. This has been a huge blessing to me as running an entire rehearsal can be emotionally draining.
    9:42 – I head up to the stage to tune and make sure everything is in order and ready
    9:44 – Pastor or myself launch in the “Call To Worship” scripture and ask everyone to take a minute to prepare for worship. We pray, ask everyone to stand and off we go!

    That’s it! Obviously the times change week to week, but the elements remain the same. Thanks for sharing your prep. Blessings!

    Travis Ross

    • Thanks for sharing man. Thats a great hour, I love the emphasis on prayer and getting yourself prepared spiritually.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Mat! The morning does seem to fly by, doesn’t it? I try and not get too distracted by details and focus on the Master. Easier said than done🙂

    • That is always the plan David, but then people seem to get in the way, but people are the reason we do what we do so we have to make adjustments. Always fun in the end though watching the people enter into his presence.

  3. “Now I can grab some more water and then kneel down for a quick moment of prayer. Its nice as I focus my mind even more on him. I need to have his heart for the people, and I need to have him, I can’t take them into his presence if I don’t know how to get there and haven’t been there myself.” – well put man. thanks for sharing

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