Weekend Worship Recap

I repent, it has been a long time since I have joined the crowd over at The Worship Community in putting together a Sunday Setlist. But tonight, I am doing just that.

Recently I have taken a position with a church as Worship Leader. This is a church plant, which means the whole thing is new ground. I do not even have a sound system as of yet. Just some mics, amps, and a pa that holds 4 mics. everything else is running on their own amp. Its frustrating sometimes. Not to mention I am drawing from a pool of people who aren’t musicians. In fact many on my team didn’t play anything a year ago. I love their enthusiasm, and willingness to learn something new to help the church.

Since the majority of my team  are new to this, I have to teach them a few songs at a time. This means that the pool of songs we have to draw from is small. For instance, right now I have 9 songs that my team knows how to play, and we are learning a new song every week, sometimes 2. I do not want my team or my congregation to become burned out on the songs, so we are trying to build a solid repertoire quickly.

This weekend our set list introduced two new songs to the congregation. “Now Unto The One” by Evan Wickham and “Sing To Jesus” by Fernando Ortega. I introduced them in our Friday night service, and then did them again on Sunday morning. The whole of the set went as follows, “One Thing Remains” by Bethel then “Now Unto The One” into “Rain Down” by Planetshakers, “Sing To Jesus” and finally “You Are Holy” by Radiant Worship

Both on Friday and on Sunday worship went over well. Sunday was a slightly stronger reaction, because the two new songs were a bit more familiar, but in both services God showed up. Our Pastor works a full time job, and missed worship Friday night and came in right at the last song. When he came up to the front to take up an offering I told my team I wanted to do “Now Unto The One” again as our offering song. Pastor Chris began to pray, and then stopped, and began to share how he was believing for the salvation of his brother, and deliverance from the things that kept him from God, and how he encouraged everyone who was believing for a loved one to put a special offering in the pot tonight, even if it was only a quarter, and offer it on their behalf as a prophetic declaration that one day they will be saved and they will be in he church. It was interesting how much of his wording was right out of the song, which he had never heard. I knew this was God speaking and encouraging me that I am picking the right songs for worship.

***For those of you who are thinking he was trying to buy his brother’s salvation, let me make clear, as he did, that he did not intend to earn or buy anything, but was doing it as a statement of faith, knowing that his brother was there to offer himself to God, so Chris would stand in his brothers place and believe for his salvation.***

Sunday was also quite impactful. The songs really ministered to the congregation,  in fact, we played the last song, “You Are Holy” longer than usual because people were seriously engaged, and many were on their knees as you felt a shift and the tangible presence of Almighty God filled the place.

It has been encouraging to me to watch the church really engage with the Lord as I have been leading them in worship.


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I am a Man on a Mission, A Missionary. I worship, I Love the Word, and I love the Glorious Gospel. How can I help you pursue Christ more?

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  1. Thanks for participating Mat! I love that you’re being intentional about teaching and mentoring your folks!

    • Yeah, sometimes its hard, because I not only have to teach the songs, but sometimes I have to give instrument lessons. Its a real challenge, but I like it because I have a chance to teach them the way I want things done, and there isn’t that conflict of what previous worship leaders did in the past. Its a unique journey.

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