Friday Night Fire

Once again, I am sharing my worship recap with the fine folks over at The Worship Community. I am so blessed to be a part of a community that stimulates me to do more for the kingdom of God through my worship. The family over there is excellent.

I only led worship in our Friday night service this week. As many of you know we are a church plant and are still getting things settled and paid for. So this weekend we had a Garage Sale to raise money for the church and its needs. Because of this we moved all the chairs out of the sanctuary section of our church. (For those who do not know, we are renting a building that used to be a Harley Davidson store and Showroom. So it is one giant room with a stage in the center that separates the room in half. The Front half is our sancturay and the back half is for fellowship, and our classes. This week we moved everything out of the sanctuary side and filled it with tables and stuff to sell.

Because of this, we had church in our “fellowship” side which lent itself to a smaller more intimate service. I was asked to lead friday night by myself on my acoustic guitar. This excited me, because it gave me a chance to test the waters with 2 songs I have been wanting to teach my team. “This is our God” by Harbour Live (featuring my friend Matt Reed on Drums) You will remember I did a review of Matt’s debut album “Come and Drink” not long ago here on the blog. Well This is his home church, and I reviewed their CD for All About Worship. Click that Link to read the review. The second song I wanted to introduce was “Simple Offering” by Dustin Smith.

Well both went over well, but “Simple Offering” didn’t click like I was hoping it would. The people liked it well enough, and were responsive, but it didn’t carry the same presence it does when I listen to it at home. Not sure what caused the disconnect, but for now this song is going to stay on the back burner.

“This is our God” went over great. People were into it, they danced, and sang, and seemed to genuinely enjoy the song despite it being the first time I played it in service. If you clicked onto Harbour Live’s website you got a chance to listen to the song on their media player. It is upbeat reminds me of something Modest Mouse or the Killers might have written. but I pulled it down into a unique acoustic performance of the song. I kept the upbeat tone of the song, but managed to give it more of a bluesy groove. As I mentioned this went over well, I am thinking of getting out my adapters and recording this to my computer, but I don’t know yet.

To fill out my set, I did “Now unto the One” by Evan wickham which I introduced last week. Once again it was well recieved, and shows me why I am keeping it in the rotation. “Our God” by Chris Tomlin, “Heaven By “Daniel Bashta” and “You Are Holy” by Radiant worship rounded out the list. “You Are Holy” was not part of the set, but as I was winding down to defer the service over to Lisa, she asked me to play that song soft while she prayed, and then it just flowed naturally and after her prayer we kept on the song and people were moved by it. The Order went as follows, “This is our God”, “Now Unto The One”, “Our God”, “Simple Offering”, “Heaven”, and finally “You Are holy” The set as a whole went well, and the tangible touch of God’s presence was evident in the room.

With school beginning again, we are shifting our worship team practices over to Wednesday nights. This is primarily because three members of my team, which is almost half, are enrolled in the Local community college and are all taking Hebrew during the time that used to be our worship practice time. Now I am trying to figure out how we will be proceeding with school schedules causing things to be disjointed. Pray that God shows me how to make things fit the best way I can.


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