Weekend Worship Recap…

For some reason it takes me forever to get around to writing the weekend recap. But as usual, I am doing this as a part of the Sunday Setlist group over at The Worship Community. For 161 consecutive weeks the fine folks over at TWC have gotten worship leaders to share their sotries. That is over Three years. The Sunday Setlists program was recently named one of the best worship resources of 2011 by Worship Leader magazine. Congratulations guys! Well, enough piddling, let me get in the way back machine and go back to the weekend.

This weekend I led in both the Friday night and Sunday Morning services, and because we are a small church and I am training most of my musicians to play on a team, many of whom have never played on a worship team before, I did the same set on both services.  The order went as follows:

  1. “This is Our God” Harbour Live (written by Justin Jarvis)
  2. “Now Unto the One” Evan Wickham
  3. “Our God” Chris Tomlin
  4. “Set a Fire” United Pursuit (written by Will Regan)
  5. “You are Holy” Radiant Worship (Written by Richy Clark)

The only new song this week was “Set a Fire” which I will include a youtube video of the original song at the end of this post. I am really loving the song this is our God. I have done it a few times recently and have done it as an acoustic song as I haven’t felt compelled to try and force electric guitar into our sets yet. I will one day soon, but so far I have held off because of our sound equipment (or Lack there of) It goes over well with the congregation because it is simple, and very singable.

“Now Unto The One” and “Our God” are always pretty popular, and the congregation is becoming familiar with them enough to know the words without thinking much, so they really are able to engage well.

“Set A Fire” is a great song, and really shouldn’t have fit where I put it, because its too much of a grooving song, but it worked perfectly here because it is such a simple song people could engage well. This also doubled as the offering song because The Pastors asked me to do a reprise (fancy musician word!!) That was a nice touch. It is good to get encouragement from your leaders.

“You Are Holy” has become a standard in our lineup lately because it is such a powerful song. The congregation always moves into that deep place of worship when we do this song and I am convinced that as we press in and sing about Isaiah’s vision of the Lord, eventually we will start having similar visions. Where the presence of God keeps building to a place where we need to repent because we see ourselves as we really are. It is such a powerful song.

As I have mentioned, we are a new church plant here in Lawrence, so I have been working to steadily introduce new songs to the church. Now we have about a dozen songs we have introduced, and it is nice to have a solid block to come from. My musicians are coming along well, and learning to play together. I am proud of them, because a couple of them didn’t play anything a year ago, and most of those who did, had never played with other people. I am seeing such progress that I know God is at work in my team.

I am thinking about getting the ‘Pure Praise’ study from Dwayne Moore and taking my team through it as a unity and vision building exercise, but right now most of us are tight on finances. So this might get pushed back a bit. Keep praying as we are trying to raise funds to build a proper sound system. We are in desperate need of Good PA speakers as both our speakers have blown tweeters.

That is what has been happening here at Eagle Rock Church in Lawrence, KS. God is on the move and lives are being touched. The church is growing, even if it still is the day of small beginnings.


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