Sunday Setlist

Once again, it is the time of the wek where I join other worship leaders around the world in sharing our Worship Sets from this weekend. If you want to join in the fun, please click

This week we did not have a Friday night service. We canceled it and took anyone who was interested in coming with us to Kansas City to worship with another Church there. This church is based out of an accredited Bible College we are thinking of becoming a Satellite campus for. But that is another story for another day. Let us move to Sunday morning.

This Sunday I woke up and thought it was Monday. It took a bit for it to sink in that it was Sunday, but eventually I got moving and headed over to the church. Our set-list this week did not introduce any new music.

  • “Like a Lion” by Daniel Bashta
  • “This is our God” by Harbour Live
  • “Split My Chest” by Benjamin Dunn
  • “Fragrance” by Nic Billman
  • “Sing to Jesus” by Fernando Ortega

The songs on this list might not be familiar to all of you who are reading this, but I promise you that each one is packed with power. “Split My Chest” is one that many of you will not know. It is written by Benjamin Dunn, and it is a great song that basks in the love and joy of Salvation. This is one that just needs more exposure. Look for Benjamin’s music on itunes. You will be glad you did.

“Fragrance” by Nic Billman is another song that you probably do not know. Honestly I feel sorry for those who haven’t heard of Nic & Rachel Billman They are Worship Leaders and Missionaries to Brazil. Check out their music and support them. Their music will really pull at your heartstrings. I believe you can find some of their songs on youtube as well.

Daniel Bashta’s Album is finally ready to release I believe next week. So if you can, get that too.

But I digress, back to discussing the worship experience. The congregation knew most of these songs well, and responded well. You could definitely feel it as the Presence of God ushered in and changed the atmosphere. The last 3 really went over well. Especially the final song, “Sing to Jesus” we camped out on that song for a while and then ended it with some spontaneous worship, and people singing in the spirit.

It has been interesting taking this journey as a worship leader at a church plant. Several of the people in our currently small congregation are not ‘active’ worshipers. In saying this, I am not saying they do not worship, but they tend to sit and sing, rather than clapping, jumping or dancing, or any other outward expressions of praise. This at times can be discouraging. Especially when I am leading a song that makes me want to toss aside the guitar and bust a groove, but then there are things that make it all ok. This past sunday, one of those happened when one of my ‘passive’ worshipers came and told me how much he enjoyed the music and liked the songs I was doing. I could tell in his voice that he was really being touched by the worship.

This experience is one of the best, and reaffirms why I am doing this. How did your services and worship encounters go?


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