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My Friend Joel Klampert is the director of Forge:con which is a worship conference different from any you have seen before. I am taking the time to post the information and promotional materials because Joel is a friend who has contributed to this Blog in the past (Soul of Tone: Klampert), and because I believe in the vision of this conference. I cannot go to this event, because I am saving up for my Trip to Israel in November click the link to read up on it if you haven’t yet. If you live in the Northeast, and are able to get to New Jersey, this is the conference you want to invest in. Now I have included the promotional pack from Jeol himself, so you can read more about what he has said concerning it.


Every once in a while a Conference comes along that attempts to incorporate all of the “streams” of worship into one. It is very rare to see prophetic worship, Charismatic expression, Technology/media, and the arts taught alongside liturgical worship, communion, silence and space, and lessons from the early church.

I want to introduce you to The Forge Conference, which in itʼs second year will be trying to bridge the great divide between Ancient/Future, Conservative/Charismatic, Hymns/ Top 40 and everything in-between.

Our mission is simple:

  • Facilitate Discussion
  • Foster Creativity
  • Forge Relationships
  • Fully Equip the Small Church

A year and a half ago God brought together a vision of 5 friends to do a Worship Conference that was out of the box and met the needs of the small church. The Forge Conference (Forgecon) was birthed out of a need for practical training, inspirational teaching, and times of relationship in the small church community.

I am excited to invite your team out to this event because I believe it will not only help your churches, but also be an atmosphere to encourage, renew and revive your music ministry teams.

Forgecon11 is poised to be just as amazing as last years conference where we had Brenton Brown and Paul Baloche. Last years theme was brokenness. This year we felt like God was telling us to move towards the idea of blending ancient and modern worship.

Take a look below to see what it will entail.

We hope you will take advantage of the amazingly low price and send your worship leader, pastor/rector, youth band, worship team, tech team, singers etc.

Amazing speakers/artists like:

  • Darrell A. Harris & Steve Tice (The Robert E. Webber Institute for Worship Studies)
  • Dan Wilt (
  • Matt Boswell (Word Records artist and worship pastor)
  • Jonathan Lee (Recording artist)
  • Joe Day (recording artists and worship leader at Mars Hill Seattle)
  • Mike Kim (Worship pastor and founder of Outloud Conference)
  • Rich Kirkpatrick ( and worship pastor)
  • Pastor Scott Hoffman (Pastor and CAO of ocean grove camp meeting association)
  • John Voelz (Pastor of Westwinds Church)
  • Joel Klampert (Worship Pastor, Designer)
  • Adam Fagan-Kela (Small groups pastor and spiritual life elder)
  • Michael Mahoney (Childrens Pastor in CT)
  • Doug Gould (CEO of WorshipMD)
  • Sheri Gould (Conference Speaker/Vocal Coach and Consultant)
  • Shannon Lewis (worship leader and in band Saint Lewis)
  • Emily Schiavi (worship leader in Israel and NJ/NY area)
  • Dunn & Wilt (modern hymns and sacred art)
  • and many more!

Sessions will include:

  • Keynotes on worship, history, ancient faith, sacred space, prophetic worship and more Breakouts on worshiping through trial, instrumental worship, songwriting, moving in the spririt, gauging success in a worship service and many more.
  • Training on vocals, sound, mics, keys, guitar, lighting, drums and more!

Location, Date and Price:

The conference is held in multiple buildings at Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association in Ocean Grove NJ. (there are tons of B&Bʼs locally or 15min away major chain hotels)

It starts Sept 28th at 7:30PM with a meet and greet (first main session is Sept 29th 9:15 am) and then ends Oct 1st with lunch (around noon).

The price is Amazing at $99 from Aug1-Sept 23rd and $119 after Sept 23rd.

Again… we hope you will come out to this once in a lifetime conference that will help your congregation in many ways and we encourage you to come from start to finish.

Joel Klampert (Conference Director)

Register here

Questions? email me, Joel Klampert (Conference Director)




I thank you for taking the time to read about Forge conference. If I still lived in new Jersey, this would be where I would go. Such a great resource, and such great teachers.


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