Bonus points for Style… [Part 1]

So we all have seen pastors who just drip with style. You don’t even care what they say, you are just happy to be associated with them. But then there are those who are brilliant that you need to hear what they have to say, but so boring you want to fall asleep. But how do we become the guy people want to listen to, and the guy people need to listen to?


If you study, you will grow. But most of you are really only studying the Word of God. I salute you for this. A solid grounding in  the word of God is needed for every preacher. However, have you ever tried studying other preachers? Watch a video of Francis Chan, Bill Johnson, Mark Driscoll, Damon Thompson, Andy Stanley, John Piper, and others. Look at many different ministers and see how they preach. What is their style? how do they interact with the crowd?

If you watch them, you will see different styles, and different reactions. There are things that people react well to, and things they don’t. If you watch pastors and leaders and study their interactions with the crowd, it will help you to understand things that will work and wont work.


Earlier I told you to watch how other pastors interact with the people they lead. Well, don’t forget to pay attention to your own people. They will show you by their reactions what reaches them and what turns them off.

As a leader there are times when you have to say something that your followers do not want to hear, but at the same time, if all you do is turn off those who listen to you, eventually you will be all alone. What is a leader without any followers? A man on a walk. My pastor used to remind us of this when I was a child. He taught us the value of genuine interaction between leaders and followers. Listen to what your followers are saying and weigh it. Don’t just throw them aside because you are the leader.


I assure you, people can tell if you are speaking from genuine revelation or experience. People know if you are speaking about something you have actually wrestled with, and it always inspires people. Anyone can simply repeat what they were taught. Thats not hard, its once step beyond reading a book to people. However to have really studied something out, received first hand revelation, and even lived it. No that says something.

You might know that we are to “rejoice in the lord always” You may know that this is but a “Momentary light affliction compared to the eternal weight of glory.” You might have read 10 book on it, gotten the Bible College degree, and even heard your favourite pastors preach on it. However, if you have never faced a true trail, and had to put this knowledge into action, it shows.

Be genuine. Speak from experience. I recently got challenged by a quote I am going to attribute to David Santisteven, however I doubt it was originally him as it seems like an old proverb type of statement. “You Can’t lead others somewhere you haven’t first been yourself.”

Think about that. I can’t pull someone through a divorce, because I have never been divorced. I can’t teach a woman how to deal with pregnancy, I am a man. Take your people with you on your journey. Let them go with you. Teach them out of what You are learning yourself. People respect honesty and will follow sincerity.

To Be Continued….

I will be turning this into a series and writing about how to be a better leader. In the mean time if you are looking for resources, here are two I read regularly. – Advice for new pastors. He has a whole series on “Becoming a better Preacher” – Leadership advice from a leader desiring to become a more Godly leader.


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