A week of Worship…

So I decided to wait till today to write this post. The reason for this is that we had several special services this weekend and had an African Missionary the past two nights. It was such a blessing, but also exhausting. I led 5 worship services this week and 3 of them were over an hour long. Since we did so many different worship sets, I will just make a list of all the songs we did, and the share some highlights of the weekend.

  • “Crash This Place” by Matt Reed
  • “This is Our God” by Harbour Live
  • “Like a Lion” by Daniel Bashta
  • “Now Unto The One” by Evan Wickham
  • “One Thing Remains” by Bethel Church
  • “Split My Chest” by Benjamin Dunn
  • “Song of Love” by Jaye Thomas
  • “Fragrance” by Nic Billman
  • “You Are Holy” by Radiant Worship
  • “Sing to Jesus” by Fernando Ortega
  • “Beautiful” by Phil Wickham

There were some interesting moments where we had a baby dedication service this weekend, and that brought in a good amount of people who do not normally attend church. This gave me an opportunity to bring people into worship who may never have gone into worship, and may never again. The problem? Our projector died this Sunday morning. So I was introducing a group of unchured people into worship with no words on the wall for them to feel more comfortable.

This past Friday was rough. It was one of the most difficult services I had led in a while. There was just a real difficulty engaging worship. Its hard to explain, but it was as if there was a brick wall in front of us and we really had to push for the breakthrough. But when we finally did, God began to move on the hearts of the people. Add to this the fact that as the evening went on, I began to feel more and more dizzy and nauseous. When the service was over I was exhausted and just ready to crash.

Our Saturday worship set was actually an  exhibition for our school of worship. We had an open house to invite people to check out the class and see if they would be interested in studying with us. It went well except for the fact that I was tired from the night before and the nausea I had experienced. Add this to the fact that it was 9:30 am.

The two nights with our African Minister, James Murunga were excellent. The first night was a challenge because A Hispanic church we are connected with decided to come, but many of them spoke little to no English so it was hard to get them to engage in the worship. Also since we didn’t know they were coming, we didn’t have a plan for translation. Normally we have a brother from a nearby Army base who is a fluent speaker of Both English and Spanish, and is such a gifted translator, he doesn’t need the speaker to pause, he just lets the speak and just interprets as they go. The lack of translation made the message not flow well. One of the men from the Hispanic church tried to translate, but he doesn’t speak great English and needed James Murunga to stop and explain a lot, so it was difficult. The second night we got a better solution for translation and James was able to move smoothly and shared a powerful word for the Churc out of Deuteronomy.

Overall I would say this was a fascinating but stressful week. Aside from the Services, we also did video recording at the church Sunday and Monday. Some of the churches we are connected with have been asking us to start producing DVD’s with some of our minitry teachings, especially those we do in our Bible School, so that they can use the videos to teach their churches. Also, having some more media will help us get more exposure for the ministry, and for our new Church Plant here in Lawrence.


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