Ghosts Upon The Earth (Review)

I could simply say you need to buy “Ghosts Upon The Earth” because its Gungor, and that should be enough. After their last album, “Beautiful Things,” Gungor went from a worship artist, to a worship juggernaut. Once again they smash it out of the park, showing the world that you don’t need dotted Eigth delay to worship God. When most worship is becoming stale and repetitive, Gugnor stays fresh.

“Ghosts upon the earth” is not a congregation friendly worship album. That is why I love it. I don’t see many of these songs climbing the CCLI charts. This album is not worship meant for you. This album is Gungor, as a band, as people, crying out to God, and walking a journey with God and Man.

I was in love with this album before the first track Let It Be was even finished playing. It was a beautiful artist rendition of Creation. It showed God singing creation into existence, and brought out the power of every word that comes from his mouth. The song builds to its crescendo, but rather than coming back down, it just ends. This sets you up for the rest of the album by saying that Creation was only the beginning of the journey.

Another thing to love about this album is the instrumentation, and musical diversity. Gungor is the type of band that doesn’t hold to a style. They simply pour out the pieces of their heart and it becomes a song. Some songs hold more of a bluegrass or folk feel, while others go Ambient or even more rock sounding. It is this diversity that made Gungor popular with their last Album “Beautiful Things” and they continue to build on that trend here.

Two more songs that stand out (as if there are any songs that do not stand out) would be Brother Moon, as well as Crags and Clay. These two show the majestic Glory of God through his creation, and show Gungor engaging in worship alongside the heavens in a similar fashion to David’s words in Psalm 104.

While Wake Up Sleeper is a song that truly energizes, draws, and encourages you, by walking you through the beatitudes and the side of Jesus that “Brought Good news to the Poor, and Liberty to the captive. However, just as they do this, they turn the direction right after with Ezekiel, a song written from Ezekiel 16. From God to a rebellious, and obstinate bride. Everything that Gungor does is purposed and powerful, and the order of the songs takes you through the ebb and flow of human emotion.

There is a journey in worship; a path that takes you from brokenness to healing, and right into the presence of God. Most albums take that path the same way, and end up having a similar feel and sound. Gungor doesn’t like the path, because it is someone else’s path. They lead you through the woods blazing a new trail, finding a different way than others, but they bring a freshness that comes with Pioneers. If you aren’t a Gungor fan yet, then get off the highway and walk in the woods with Gungor for a while, you will become a fan.

I know this isn’t a normal album review, and to be honest that is because this is not a normal album. You need to get your hands on this, lock the door, unplug the phone and internet, and just immerse yourself in this album. Reexamine how we do worship, because that is exactly what Gungor does with this album.

I am including the EPK Video for this album which is out now. Pick it up in stores or online.


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