Hurry up and Wait… (the story of my life)

So most of you know I am leaving for Israel and will be gone this month. I apologize for not actually posting more but the past few weeks have been done in the hurry up offense. Getting things paid for, cleaned, and ready to go all across the world in a whirlwind of missions excitement.

So The plan was to drive to Philly (Can’t wait to go home) then fly to Israel. But this is changed. We are flying out to Philly on Saturday and spending the night at my Aunt’s home before leaving for Israel Sunday night. Our flight goes from Philly to London to Israel, and I am thinking that on our long layover I might get a chance to visit with my uncles who live mere minutes from the airport.

The funny thing is that a new assignment has come across my desk today, well not literally as I have no desk and I was texted the message, but you get the drift.

It looks like my pastor is being put on night shift and will not be available in tomorrow to preach the night service. This means the duty of sharing from the word of God falls to me, and I now have a day to prepare. Perhaps a more intelligent person would simply dig into the log of sermons he has already written, or preached, but I am not that smart.

I genuinely believe God has something special to say to the people at my church that is different than a sermon I have preached in the past. So I am waiting on the Lord to speak to me. I am waiting for him to reveal his word and help me decide how best to share it. Mind you I might find out that Pastor Chris isn’t working tomorrow night and this might all become a moot point, but for the time being I have this sitting in front of me. Packing and preaching is my schedule for the next 24 hours.

So tomorrow night I need to have songs ready to lead worship, and the crazy thing is that I fully intended on introducing some new songs, but since I will be gone all month I decided against it. We will see if my ever changing mind switches again. Then I have to have a word ready, something that is solid and encouraging. (Last week I preached, and It wasn’t as encouraging as I wanted it to be it was more challenging)

Then I have to have bags ready to go on saturday. Fun Fun Fun! This will be a wild month and keep your eyes peeled for updated from the road and maybe a video blog from Jerusalem, because I think you want to see that glorious city.


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I am a Man on a Mission, A Missionary. I worship, I Love the Word, and I love the Glorious Gospel. How can I help you pursue Christ more?

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  1. dude! My parents will be there this weekend! You’re not by any chance going with Sid Roth are you? Bless you!

    • No, I am not going with Sid, although I am aware he is here and would love to connect with his group, and your parents. I am actually here with the Israel Goodwill Ambassador Academy. It is a program sponsored by the Israeli government to train people to be Ambassadors and help promote Israel throughout the world. I have been here studying and visiting a lot of sites that aren’t religious. I have seen How Israel is dealing with water shortages, organic farms, several prestigious colleges and universities, and meeting with government officials. It is awesome that your family is here and I wish I could connect with them, but it doesn’t look like it will be happening.

      As a side not, I am loving the new music my friend. I haven’t bought it yet cause I spent all my money on this Academy and trip to Israel, but believe me it is on the list of albums I must have.

      • wow! What you’re doing there sounds amazing! My wife and I were over there back in early September. My first time….quite spectacular….Life changing trip! Well, if you somehow end up running into a large group with Sid at the front then my parents will be there! haha…bless you….oh and you don’t happen to work with a good friend of mine over there named Dov Gelman do you? Blessings!

      • I can’t say that I know Dov Gelman, but if I do end up meeting him, I will let you know. Israel is such an amazing Place it is an honor to be doing what I am doing over here.

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