My Review of Jesus Culture is TWC Featured Article!

Today The Worship Community featured my review of Jesus Culture’s new Double Live Album : Awakening on the front page of their site. This is exciting news for me and I just wanted to share. To read the full article, click here.

For those who aren’t that interested in the full write up here is a brief summary. With 16 tracks and almost 2 hours of Live Jesus Culture worship. This album is a winner. It features Chris Quilala & Kim Walker-Smith heavily, but also includes Jake Hamilton, Kristine DiMarco, as well as Bryan & Katie Torwalt. All three are newcomers to the Jesus Culture recordings, but have their own albums on the Jesus Culture / Bethel / Kingsway label. The highlight of the whole album in my eyes was Kristine DiMarco’s masterful rendition of Will Regan & United Pursuit’s Break Every Chain. There is not a single song on the album that feels out of place. It is a good mix of new songs and old songs. So you may recognize a few and will want to learn a few more.

With that in mind, I want to leave you with this video of Kristine DiMarco. This is not the recorded version from the Album but her warming up for the live recording by practicing this song. Even in the practice you can really feel the power and presence of God all over this song.


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