Will Retherford – Walk [Review]

I don’t know why, but I feel special. A little over a year ago, I had the privilege of introducing those of you who read this page to a worship Leader named Will Retherford. Here are some of the things I said about this awesome man of God.

“…More than music, Will is also passionate about missions. He is on staff with the Oral Roberts Missions department. Will is also working to purchase supplies for a children’s home in India through the sale of his first album titled “Awake.”…”

So with that kind of character, it is not hard to believe why I would love Will and his heart. Well, last month while I was in India myself, I got an Email from my Good friend Matt Reed who introduced me to Will a year ago. He told me that Will has another CD about to come out. “Walk” I knew that as soon as I was back in America I needed to promote this. I didn’t have to listen to it to know I would love it.

When you know someone who has the heart and charecter of God, you know before the album is in your hands that it is going to speak to you. When I finally got the new tunes in my ear, I was pleased from the first 30 seconds. With this album, Will continues to grow as a musician. There is still a strong influence of musicians like Gungor, and that is fantastic. Will, Gungor, and others like them are blazing down a sonic trail that looks to redefine the way we worship.

The Album begins with the track ‘Arise’ which is about the love, power, and grace of God to save. But its more than a discussion, its a call and response. It is God tossing out the free gift of Salvation and the Church arising and saying WE WILL CARRY YOUR MESSAGE! This is a great song for the church to use to motivate people to evangelism and missions. On top of all the lyrical message and content, the song has a catchy feel that makes you naturally fall into the song. It will be buzzing in your head even after you turn the album off.

I love the vocal harmony in the second track ‘Seasons’ absolutely stunning. But more than the simple yet powerful reminder of the power of the love of God just drips with His love. It reminds me of when I first listened to the song “How He Loves” by john mark McMillan, and I found myself singing the song and falling more and more in love with Messiah. This song needs to be in the church, because the Love of God needs to be in the church.

I could run down each and every track on this album and tell you why you need to listen to it, but that would take a ton of time. So at this juncture I want to remind you that Walk is available Right now on iTunes…


‘Rescue Us’ and its instrumental follow up  ‘Out of the Muck and Mire’ is another standout track, although it is probably not the most congregational in the album. It is one of the deepest in terms of its message and its heart. It is a song that recognizes the depravity of Man, The Human Heart, and The World at large. It is a song that cries for a Saviour to come and rescue us. I love the dichotomy within the song, switching in the verses from “will You rescue us?” to the past tense on the chorus, “You have rescued us.” It shows the inner struggle of man, who has been given everything necessary for salvation, yet still struggles with His own humanity and carnal desires. But in the end the answer is and always was Jesus, and acceptance of Jesus means accepting his Rescue which he has already provided for you. So powerful.

I love the catchy nature of ‘Narrow’ it is just a delightful song. I know that is an odd adjective, but that is the best word I can find in the English language. This song delights in God and how we will continue to run and follow after Him and His plans. It begins with a contrast, where Will is asking the Lord if He will leave if we turn and run or fail, but then it flows into the grace of Jesus who never leaves us and always pursues us and stick close to us. Such a delightful song.

Let me end my discussion of the songs with the tune ‘Let it Come’ This is another happy sounding song that is just covered with the presence of God. Its a joy filled call out for the Messiah to return. The Chorus is fantastic. They just cry “Let it come” over and over and then end the chorus by crying “The Spirit and the Bride say come” This song is entirely the cry of a Lover who is longing for the one she loves. Christ is coming, but are you eager for His return? Are you lovesick for Him? This song shows Will’s heart as one who is lovesick for The Christ.

For more information about Will and his music. Check out his Website. Follow Him on Twitter. Watch him on Youtube. Listen on ReverbNation. But Most Importantly Buy his music on Tunes. You will be very glad you did.

It is also my privilege to share with you “Awake” Will’s EP from last year which is now free and download-able  from Noise Trade.



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