With – Skye Jethani [Book Review]


Skye Jethani’s book “With” is a simple premise…

Live With God.

The book focuses on the stages of life, “Life over God,” “Life apart from God,” “Life Under God,” “Life from God,” and finally “Life from God” The book does a fantastic job of showing how as we mature in our faith and we begin to take part in unity and communion with God, our mindset shifts and our life shifts.

Learning to live with God, where he is our source and supply is a central theme of The Christian life. The power of the cross was that is brought us back into functioning unity with God. Jesus poured His life out so we could Live with Him.

This is not a book that is going to teach you something NEW, but rather reinforce the things that are basic to the faith. It will encourage you and help you to shift your mind to life in a higher mode of life.

The reason to have this book is not because it will change your life, but rather because it keeps your life on point. This is a book that reminds you of th truth you are supposed to know in a fresh and imaginative way….

My free review copy of this book was given by Booksneeze.com


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