A Person’s a Person…


The books we read often form how we view life, society, and morality. In this same context, the books we read in our childhood do this even more so. Because as a  child our worldview is still forming. This is why it is so important for us to teach the simple truth of the bible to our children. Because if we teach them a biblical worldview from their youth, it will help to form their choices in life. This idea is found in Proverbs 22:6. “Train up a child in the way he should go, Even when he is old he will not depart from it.”

This was a philosophy that my own mother embraced. As a child she read to me from the Bible regularly, and we had family devotional study time. Now as an adult, not only do I believe in the Bible, but I have devoted my life to studying it and teaching it. But, the Bible wasn’t the only book that I learned from as a child. I also learned a lot from Dr. Seuss. I read “Green Eggs and Ham” and I learned to embrace new things, and especially new cuisine. I read “Oh The Places You’ll Go” and I learned to have confidence in myself, and that I have the potential to go all over the world. But one of the ones that impacted me the most was a book called “Horton Hears a Who

In this book, an anthropomorphic elephant named Horton hears an almost indiscernible sound coming from a little speck as it floats by him. He suddenly becomes completely obsessed with it, and then begins to communicate with the speck. However his friends and neighbors begin to think he is insane because they cannot hear the sound of the speck.

However, Horton is undeterred. He promises to protect the people living on the speck no matter what. The overarching theme in this story is a simple phrase that if we embraced it, could change our worldview. “A Person’s a Person, no matter how small.”

Just imagine the simplicity. “A Person’s a Person, no matter how small.”

What if we looked at even the smallest people, the toddlers, the infants, the babies, and the unborn, and we treated them like a person. What if we took a stethoscope and pressed it down and listened to their heartbeats. Would you be able to tell the difference from your own?


I know that I am not the first person who has looked at this simple truth and thought of Children and the unborn, and I am sure you have heard this many others like Lou Engle. However, I think it needs to be repeated. I think it needs to be shouted, and I think it needs to be understood.

I recently heard about a debate in Florida. In the Florida legislature, they are considering a bill that would require Abortionists to provide health care to any child who survives an Abortion. If you want to read the original article, and see the video, click here. I saw this video and I was honestly in shock. How is this even a debate, or a discussion. It made my stomach turn to think that anyone would even have to bring this to the legislature. We are talking about a living breathing Child. It is sickening enough to me that someone would even want to abort their child. However, when this abortion has failed, and you now have a living breathing child lying on the operating table before you. How could you possibly even thing it appropriate to murder it?

The lobbyist from Planned Parenthood shared on the video, that it is the corporate belief of their organization, that The decision on what to do with a child born as a result of a botched abortion should be left up the the Mother and the Health Care provider. It saddens me to no end that this can be said with such a stoic demeanor. Cold and emotionless, with a copious amounts of “I Don’t know”


There is an oath that is taken by every licensed medical doctor called the “Hippocratic Oath.” In the English translation of the oath there is a phrase, “I will prescribe regimens for the good of my patients according to my ability and my judgment and never do harm to anyone” There was a time when this oath meant something. But the focus now has shifted from the harm side to ‘anyone’ we try and rationalize away the life of the child that is laying on the table before us.

The problem is that we have begun rationalizing away the value of human life. First we began by saying that an unborn child is only a fetus, or a parasite, and not an actual life. Then we start telling people its ok to kill a child with a heartbeat, simply because He hasn’t left his mother’s womb. Now, we have lobbyists who are trying to tell us that it is ok to kill a living, breathing baby.

We no longer teach the value of life to our children, we no longer instill compassion for the defenseless. Instead of a culture that celebrates and values life, we have a culture that celebrates and values death. I could write a whole article just on the pervasiveness of death in our modern culture, but that is for a different day.

Today, I want to urge all of my friends, family, and readers who are in Florida. Call your representatives, and your senators. Call anyone who will listen and let them know that you support life and you want to see them support it as well. Encourage them to pass the legislation. Encourage them that every child deserves a shot at life. If you live in the state, you have a voice. let your voice be heard.

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