Fight – Carlos Whittaker Album Review


Today Carlos Whittaker, or @Loswhit as he is know to the twittering world, released His new album “Fight” today. For those who do not know Los, he is the father of two beautiful girls, a hilarious son who they adopted from Korea, and he is the founder of Ragamuffin Soul. I really like los. I follow him on social media, and I read his website regularly. He previous album “Ragamuffin Soul” was excellent so I was excited to check out His new offering.

Fight is a bit of a departure from his previous album. This album uses a lot more of the synth key tones. This is becoming a trend lately with Artists like Benjamin Dunn and the Animal Orchestra, Hillsong United, and others all releasing worship albums that have strong use of the synthesizer. To be honest I don’t mind this trend, but it doesn’t often wow me.

Fight is a ten track album. Rather than discussing each track, I wanted to point out a few of the songs that I really enjoy and then some of my overall thoughts on the album. One track that I really liked was “You Made A Way” This upbeat praise song was excellent, and it drips with Hope. The whole focus is to open our eyes to Jesus as our Hope and rock, and how He is drawing us to Himself, and made a way for us to be united with Him. This track really encouraged me in my spirit. The simplicity of the bridge struck me. “You will never leave us. Oh how You love us.”

It is followed up with my next stand out track. “You Bought Me.” This track grew on me. I didn’t like it the first run through because I thought the synth pads seemed out of place. However as I continued to listen through the album a few more times it really grew on me. This song features some amazing vocal work by Carlos. I really loved his soft tone here. The song is a psalm of thanksgiving, thanking Christ for purchasing us. I love songs of Thanksgiving. This one is something I am actually wanting to arrange acoustically to fit in my church services. It is a slower song, but the instrumentation is very dynamic with subtle builds that really draw your focus in.

I really liked the song “Don’t Give Up.” It had the ambient guitar feel that is found in a lot of worship, however it really makes this song fantastic. I love this tune because it is all about how awesome Jesus is and how He alone sustains us. It is softer, but it builds well and has a great bridge, “You’re the air that I breathe. The Life that I lead, from you. The song that I bring. The Life that I lead is worship.” I could sing that for a long time. I really love it.

The final Highlight I want to point out is the acoustic bonus track. “In The Arms (Acoustic)” This albums lets you hear it both ways. The electronic version didn’t really do anything for me, but this acoustic version is actually my favourite track on the album. It is amazing what arrangement can do for a song. This song in its acoustic form has a vibe similar to rend collective experiment, with claps, guitar, group vocals, and a bright over all feel. I love the hope in this song. “You will never forsake or desert us.” It is another one that I want to add to my rotation.

Overall, I thought this was an average album. I think the lyricism is great, but the musicianship at times felt like it was trying too hard to be trendy and that somewhat turned me off. I know that a few of these songs will have good radio appeal, and that is great because it will help Los gain more exposure. I give this a solid 3.5 stars. I do believe that it is available on Spotify. I would recommend you check it out. You might love it. One of my main issues is that stylistically I didn’t love the feel of the album, but you might love the synth key tones.

Special thanks to my friend Matthew Reed for sending me a prerelease review copy. Thanks to Loswhit for the opportunity to check out His new album. I always love seeing people creating new worship music, because it is them expressing their heart in relation to God.


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