Tim Timmons – Cast Your Cares

Worship Leader Tim Timmons just released his newest worship album “Cast My Cares” If you do not know him, you ought to check out his website http://timtimmons.com and read about his testimony. Tim has been diagnosed with an incurable form of cancer, but instead of fading away, he has pushed even harder to trust God and advance the message of the kingdom. “Instead of me just putting out more “cool” Christian music, I want to draw people into the movement of Jesus. There’s an awakening, a revolution that I want to spend my one and only life committed to.”

The second track on the album really struck a chord in me. The Chorus begins “You’re my revival song You start where I belong On my knees, on my knees” and that is such a true statement. Revival doesn’t begin with a Powerful Service, but a Pray from a surrendered soul. As you listen to “Starts with Me” you really hear the heart of someone who is not waiting for everyone. You hear the song of someone who will run hard after the Lord no matter what. This is the kind of song we need a song that spurs us to be starters of revival.

This album is filled from front to back with songs that will resonate in your spirit. I am only highlighting a few, but each one on the album could be your anthem. Each one could become the song that resonates in your heart. So Listen to this album, let these songs wash over you and soak in the heart of Tim as he pours everything he has out.

One of the standout tracks of the album is “For Your Glory” which sings about how everything is for the Glory of God. I love the simplicity of the pre-chorus which says, “Even darkness cannot hide Your shining. Even shadows cannot change the truth” The song does a great Job of building you up whilst simultaneously putting your focus on the Glory and Majesty of Christ. This is an excellent song that will fit well into your church service and draw you more into Glory driven Praise. Praise that isn’t about a good feeling, but about a recognition of the Glory of God.

Another track that really spoke to me was the track “Holy Unafraid” which is about how through the Blood of Christ we are made victorious, more than conquerors, our fear is removed, and we walk in the Blessings of God. I love the first line of the chorus, “So we pray, pray, pray Would You shake our souls awake.” Because sometimes there is a truth that The Bible tells us, but unless the Spirit awakens us to it, because He is the spirit of Truth, than we miss out on it.

All of the songs on this album are good, and I could explain why each is worth it. What I want you to know most is that these songs are the sound of an overcomer. When you hear these songs and you let their melodies wash over you, they aren’t just worship songs they are songs of victory; songs that cause faith to rise up within you. I recommend these songs, they are simple and singable. They are designed as anthems we can grab onto together and praise the Lord as the Body of Christ. I want to thank Matt Reed who has been a friend of mine for a while for providing the review copy.


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