Where Did I Go?

It doesn’t take a genius to realize I have been missing in action for several months. I apologize. So perhaps you are wondering where I have been. This has been an exciting year for me. So Here are some highlights.

– I continued leading worship at my Home Church in Lawrence, KS

– I led worship at 5 conferences this summer.

– I traveled back to mexico and strengthened my relationship with my friends and partners there. Glad to minister to and bless them. I also made connections to new ministers that have been a blessing.

– I made a special trip to my parents home in AZ and got to visit Las Vegas and did some outreach in the Vegas Community.

– I have been working hard on my first book, which is long overdue.

– I have been regularly meeting with and ministering to students from KU

– I have been writing songs and working on material for my first album.

– I made a connection with a Pastor from India who has a network of 10 churches, and will be going there in february.


I know it isn’t a good excuse for leaving you all behind, but I am going to work to rectify that soon. I have some ideas that have been kicking around in the head. Look for forthcoming articles on music, spirituality, and creativity. Also, probably at least one post about sports. Likely Baseball.


Good Night and God Bless.

– Mathew


About matreames

I am a Man on a Mission, A Missionary. I worship, I Love the Word, and I love the Glorious Gospel. How can I help you pursue Christ more?

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