Original Sin…

One of the things I think get often overlooked in the Christian faith is the concept of Original Sin. I think this is mostly because we went to Sunday school and read the story as a kid. We know Eve ate the Apple, gave Adam some, He ate, BOOM! Sin! Because this is such a simple story we learned as children we often neglect to really dig into it. So let me take a moment here to retell you the story. I am paraphrasing with some artistic license, but I am not deviating from the plot of the story.

In the beginning, God makes everything. This includes; Heaven, Earth, Oceans, Mountain, Fjords, Stars, Trees, People, and even Ducks. Everything that was made, He made, and nothing has been made that God, Himself didn’t make. But let’s focus on the People. First He made Adam, and then a partner for Adam, Eve. He planted the two of them in the midst of a garden. Eden, it was perfection. They had everything they could every need, food, water, and direct access to the Creator of the Universe, God! There in the center of the garden were two trees. One was the tree of life, the other the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil.

There was only one rule in this paradise. Do not eat the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. You see, if they ate that fruit, they would receive the knowledge of Good and evil… At this point in our story Adam and Eve have knowledge, but all the knowledge they have comes from God teaching them directly. They walked with Him, and talked to Him regularly.This was a beautiful knowledge!

Now we reach the heart of the discussion. You see, God shared with them everything they needed to know, but He left them the tree so that they had a choice. This tree represented a clear decision. Was God enough, or was He hiding something that I desperately needed to know.

When Adam and Eve ate the fruit, they were making a clear choice that God was not enough. This choice represented their need for knowledge outside of God. This is the primal sin that drives almost all others, and this is why we call it original sin. You see, every Sin we make is our own defiant statement that “God is not enough.” Which, while being a preposterous claim, is made by everyone, everyday.

The heart of Sin, the basis of original sin is the idea that God is hiding something and we need to know it. The basis of original sin is that we need knowledge outside of relationship with God.

It’s January and I have been hanging out in the book of Genesis, but this is something that really stood out to me fresh in my current reading. I don’t know what this year holds for you, or for me. However, I am making a conscious choice this year that I am going to ask God to teach me more. I want to experience knowledge coming from Him, just like it was in the garden. I believe that It is still His desire to teach us, and that is one of the reasons He put His Holy Spirit within us.

I encourage you in 2015 to begin to Let Holy Spirit truly be your teacher. Let Him challenge your knowledge, your suppositions, your everything and allow Him to show you The Truth.


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I am a Man on a Mission, A Missionary. I worship, I Love the Word, and I love the Glorious Gospel. How can I help you pursue Christ more?

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