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Soul of Tone: Thomas Rodriguez (Part 1)

This is a quick update to the “Soul of Tone” series. We have several more guest contributers lined up to share their thoughts on tone. One I am excited about is Jonathan from Throne Room Pedals. He is working on an article for us that will show how an effects maker looks at tone while at the same time working to achieve and release the sounds of heaven. As soon as he send that to me, I will be updating and putting it on the blog.

Today Thomas Rodriguez has graciously allowed me to repost this video of his current rig here on the blog. He is currently working on a follow up video for this blog explaining his thoughts on tone and why he plays with the gear he has. It will be posted up here when he has a chance to film it. However he is currently touring with Matt Reed and so it will be a bit before he updates. His current signal chain is as follows. It runs from his custom designed Telecaster into his amp. All of which is explained on the video. If you are interested in more on his custom telecaster, he has a video explanation of how it was designed and its unique features available on his youtube page.

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