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My testimony is not yet full…


This weekend I was at a conference in Kansas City. My friend Kevin Basconi was ministering alongside David and Stephanie Herzog. In the service, all kinds of signs, wonders, and healings were witnessed. But there was one that hit me harder than any of the others. It wasn’t because the miracle was amazing, but because of the attitude of the man who received.

The man was a pastor from Nigeria. He was in America visiting some family when he heard about the conference and decided to come. On the second morning Kevin called him up and begin to prophesy over the Pastor and His wife and then prophesy over Nigeria. He never laid hands on them, he was about five feet away on the stage, and was just praying and blessing them. The power of the spirit of God descended on them and they fell to the floor weeping.

While on the ground, people came running to the altar and throwing money down as an offering to bless this pastor and his ministry. It was beautiful, and spontaneous. I love seeing the church reach out and help our brothers. When the Lord was done ministering to him, he got up, and an usher helped him collect the cash on the floor. They left the room to go and count it and get it situated for the man.

When the afternoon session started, Kevin called the pastor up to share about what he experienced when the Glory of the Lord came upon him. He began to share about how blessed he was and how the word of the Lord really spoke right to the questions he had been asking the Lord to answer. But then he began to tell of the miracle. He said they were counting the offering and asking the Lord to bless it, and it was literally multiplying in their hands. The first count was something like 700 dollars, but after 7 times counting the offering there was over 2000. This was amazing and a huge blessing. The man was over joyed, but he said something the absolutely wrecked me.

When he began to share he said, “My testimony is not yet full, but…” When he said it, I almost stopped listening because something hit my spirit like a sack of bricks.

So often when we receive a miracle we testify and tell the story from beginning to end. But this man did not. He recognized that God was only beginning to work the testimony, and was believing that the miracle he had received was still ready to grow. He didn’t end his testimony, but stopped his story in the middle. His closing remarks restated his initial thought…

“My Testimony is not yet full, but I am thanking God that He is working in my life.”

This man had a miracle, but his faith believed for more, his faith knew God was not finished with him yet. I pray that we all live with that level of faith. Sure we can experience a miracle, but let’s build on that faith and that miracle and pursue God all the more believing for bigger, and better things as God continues to work in us. Let’s remember than until God calls us home, our testimony is not yet full.

As always, comments are welcome.

PS – If you didn’t know, Kevin Basconi has a new book out. “Angels in the Realm of Heaven” and you can buy it fro your local walmart. The book is part three in his series on laboring with the angels to see the kingdom established. If you don’t have it, buy it. Buy two copies and give to someone else who might be curious, or even unsaved. Thanks for reading my plug for my friend’s book.


Too much to not enough….


So I have too much. I own too much, I want too much, I think I need too much. Its true, its just a fact. But at the same time I don’t have enough. Its a brilliant dichotomy, and drives me insane.

You see, I will start with the too much. I have stuff. Furniture, appliances, electronics, etc… Some of it is in storage because with my current living situation I do not need everything I have.

(good time to note, I am selling some stuff if you live in Lawrence/KC/Topeka hit me up.)

But really, I have a lot. I get told I don’t, but that is because people compare me to themselves. They have more. In fact, but the standards of those around me I am poor.

But then in the midst of this, I am a missionary. I travel all over the world. I spent most of August in India and Nepal. I have been in many countries over the last few years preaching the Glorious Gospel of Messiah Yeshua.

When I am in a foreign country, I am reminded that as ‘poor’ as I am I am stupid rich. If I go to a chinese buffet, I eat more than I should, and what I pay for it is what most Nepali’s spend for a week of food. The price of a Mickey D’s value meal can buy lunch for four at a top restaurant in Kathmandu.

I am stupid rich. I say stupid rich because I am both stupid and rich. Stupid because I do not realize how rich I am. I have what I need, I have what I don’t need. I survive, and I do it well. It may be 100 degrees outside, but I don’t know it because my air conditioner keeps it 72 inside. I know that if I do not change the setting it will be 72 for quite sometime because I have electricity. All day, every day.

When you do missions work in a foreign country you begin to realize what you have and how good it really is. I might complain about the american government, but at least we have one. I might be upset cause there are a few minor potholes, but at least the street has pavement. I might get frustrated because I pay sales taxes, but at least its only 9 percent instead of 220 percent import tax becuase they don’t make enough goods in my town.

I have it good, and I can make it good for others by sharing the good I have. Over the course of this summer I have begun sharing the little I have with those around me. sometimes its simple things like sharing a meal, sometimes its making sure they have enough gas in the tank to do what they need. Sometimes, its leaving an offering at a church that isn’t much to me, but could mean a new floor that they don’t have to save all year for.

It’s amazing what I can do with the little I have. I have done more with the little I have than a lot of the people I know have done with all that they have. I mean I have found ways to raise money and garner support. I have taken the message of the Gospel all over America and the rest of the World.

But at the same time I do not have enough. There are too many people who need my help. Too many nations crying out for the gospel, crying out for the words of the Bible. There are offers from churches, pastors, and ministries all over the world who want us to come to them and help them, and teach them. It breaks my heart to see what needs to be done and then look at the resources in my hands. There is such a need and it seems insurmountable to me at times.

But then I remember something…

  • “Truly I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, ‘Be taken up and cast into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that what he says is going to happen, it will be granted him.” Mark 11:23 NASB

My God has equipped me to do His will. He always provides for the work he wants done. ALWAYS!! Never once have I had to cancel a missions trip because the provision wasn’t there. Sometimes it comes down to the last second of the last minute of the last hour. God always supplies, and I am learning to rest in Him more and more. I need lots of help to do all that God has called me to do. It takes thousands of dollars to finish the works God has us doing around the world, and I don’t have any of it. But God isn’t looking at me and what I have.

When God met Moses in the fiery bush, all moses had was a stick. When David needed to take down a giant, all he had was a sling and some stones fished out of the river. But It was enough, because God was behind them. I know that God is behind me. I praise God that I am being used.  I might not have much, but I have two little words that make all the difference. “YES LORD!”

This isn’t so much of a thought provoking kind of article, its more of the kind of thing that shows me working out the Christian life. Walking out Justice, and pouring my heart on paper. Sometimes its good just to throw out all of the things in your heart and let the spill over onto the digital paper.

Thoughts on the Blessing – Dino Mooney

These are notes I took when Pastor Dino Mooney came to speak at our Church a few weeks back. There is some good stuff in here. I haven’t searched it all out yet, so I hope you will sift it as well. However I thought it was worth Sharing.  FYI Dino Mooney is a Word of Faith preacher. He is a gifted Seer Prophet, and all around nice guy. I know its weird for me to have 3 new posts in one day, but I am hoping to be more consistent in updating this blog.

Thursday 3-3-11: Pastor Dino Mooney

“Thoughts on The Blessing”

Galatians 3:1ff.

In verse 8, it says here that God preached the Gospel to Abraham. Gospel means good news. What does this mean when God preached it to Abraham? When Jesus came, it said Jesus preached the Gospel of the Kingdom. What does this mean? It is not the story of the resurrection, because neither time, had Jesus died on the cross to make the Gospel of Jesus. What is this Gospel of the Kingdom?

In Verse 8 it says, “…In you all nations shall be blessed.” The Gospel of the Kingdom is the blessing of God. These days when we speak of the blessing, we look at it as simply a word to use when someone sneezes. But it is more than that. What does the word blessing mean?

If God blesses anything, the power of God is involved. To be blessed means to be empowered by God to prosper, and to excel. This means to be enabled to do the supernatural; the things that you cannot do in your own strength. An example of this si when it said, “God blessed Sarah and she conceived.” She was barren, and thus in her own strength she should not have been able to conceive.

Remember the beatitudes; those are keys to the blessing. You cannot separate the power of God from his blessing. If God blesses something, he puts his power into something. Deuteronomy 28 says we are “Blessed coming in and blessed going out.”

Back to verse 8. It says that God preached. This is an awesome thing to think on, because it implies that God is able to preach things to us; more than just to instruct, but to preach.

If you have made Jesus the Lord over your life, then you have been blessed Psalm 107:2 “Let the redeemed of the Lord say so.” When what you say does not line up with the truth of what God has already done, you block the blessing. The blessing of Abraham is in you. But as brother Copeland has said, “The Blessing is in you, but for it to work it has to be upon you.” Having the blessing in us is nice, but having the blessing in operation in our lives, and around us is the key. The Blessing is the power that works within us, and not the results of what happens.

In the Bible God only blessed two men; Adam and Noah. Every other person has received the blessing in a transfer from another man. In Genesis chapter 14 it tells the story of when God preached the Blessing to Abraham. THE FIRST JOB OF THE BLESSING IS TO REMOVE THE CURSE!!! The Light is meant to shine in the darkness, not for the light to be clusted in the sun.

Genesis 14:18 Abram was blessed by Melchizadek blessed Abraham. Interestlingly it is referred to the Blessing of Abraham, at one point it was the blessing of Adam, and of Noah. Noah took the blessing and passed it down to his sons. Ham and Japheth pushed the blessing aside and decided to make their own way. This is the birth of the Modern system of commerce. You will never have a job that will be able to fund the Call of God on your life. The Just shall live by faith. We live by faith, not by our Jobs!

But Noah’s last son, Shem, he received the blessing. Shem was Melchizadek. Melchizadek was not his name, but his title. He was king of Salem, Salem was Jerusalem. Shem brought the bread and wine, this was the sign of covenant, as it is in the communion supper. Other men were blessed by God for a purpose, but the other men were not given the fullness of the blessing. They were given blessing to fulfill their call and job.

Luke 2: The Blessing was passed down to Mary, Joseph and Jesus through Simeon.

It is time that we start allowing the blessing to do the work for us. How does this work on the local church. Hebrews 5: Jesus was a High Priest in the order of Melchizadek. When he ascended into heaven; Jesus did not retire, but rather shifted his ministry. He is seated in the heavens at the right hand of the Father. When he ascended, he left us to fill the ministry that he left behind. Jesus is now our high priest. He is our Advocate. He is our intercessor. He is our Shepherd. He is our mediator. Jesus is all of these things.

What does it mean to say that he was a high priest in the order of Melchizadek. Melchizadek was called to receive the tithe and transfer the blessing. Covenant is an exchange. Give and it shall be given to you. Draw near to God, he will draw near to you. These are exchanges. Life operates on exchanges. Covenant is based on the exchanges.

Melchizadek was the priest. He had the blessing that he received from his daddy Noah. Abraham brings in his tithe, and Melchizadek transfers the Blessing. There is a link between the tithe and the blessing. It is an exchange.


If we as the church as called of God, our Job as believers is to transfer the blessing to those around us. The purpose of the Local church is to bring the cursed in and send them back out BLESSED!

When your faith is working, the blessing is living and active in your life. The Local Church is a transfer station. We are to transfer the blessing. The first Job of the Blessing is to remove the curse. When God starts a church, he plants a pastor, and he called the congregation.