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Why I love the Testimony…

Love Testimony

There was a time when the testimony was a regular part of church. I loved that. I loved it because it was people sharing what God was doing in their lives. I love hearing what God did for someone. I always remembered that God does not show partiality. In Acts 10:34 Peter tells us so. “Opening his mouth, Peter said: “I most certainly understand now that God is not one to show partiality,”

So from my youth, I was taught that if God could do it for Person A, then He could do it for me. I loved that hope. When I saw someone blessed with a new job right when they thought they were going to lose everything. I knew God provided and He could provide for me too.

However as I have gotten older, the art of the testimony has seemingly disappeared from the modern church. Perhaps there are places where ti is still important, but in the churches I have been with it is lost. The thing is as I study, I suddenly see the power of the testimony in a whole new light. I recently began to do a word study on the word Testimony.

The Hebrew word most commonly translated Testimony is “Eduwth” (Pronounced A-Dooth) which is Strong’s number H5715. This word is straight forward it means the “testimony” itself.  It is a feminine noun. However, the word “Eduwth” is itself derived from the Strong’s word H5707 which is “Ed”  (pronounced Aid). This word is a masculine noun which means “witness and evidence)

However, we can’t stop here, because “Ed” is also not the full root. “Ed” is contracted from Strong’s word H5749 “Uwd” (Pronounced ud) Which does mean to bear witness, but its primary definition is “to repeat” or “to do again”

This is a huge deal to me. You see, in English we just say “Testimony.” We speak of it as a story we tell, but to the Jewish mind A testimony was more than a story, every time you testified, you were declaring that God would do it again. See the subtle shift in my wording. Before, I knew that God could, but suddenly as I explored the word itself, I saw that He WOULD.

You see, its not enough to think God can. A lot of people think that God can. However, when we on think that God can, we hope, but we don’t expect. We know God can cure cancer, but it doesn’t mean we expect Him to. This is why we need the shift. When we testify about how God healed someone of Cancer, we are saying, “God Healed John Doe of cancer, and He will do it again.”

We begin to EXPECT God to do things, not out of pride and arrogance, but out of our knowledge of God and His power, and of course His love. In our modern culture we have stopped expecting God to perform miracles. But I promise you that every testimony you have heard is just God saying to you. I have done this, and I will do this again.

So today, I want to encourage you. God can do Miracles. God has done miracles and He will continue to do them. I promise you. I don’t know what you are going through, but I know God, and If you call on Jesus, He is faithful to fulfill your needs, because He is a Good God, With Good Plans, and a Good Heart.

Before I close, I wanted to leave you with a Testimony. Here is Jon Thurlow and His IHOP-KC Team sharing a testimony, and they do it in song form which just makes it double powerful.

Well, one wasn’t enough so here is another powerful musical testimony. This time Matt Gillman and His IHOP-KC team throw down.