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An audience of One… (Literally, well almost)

What happens when you plan an event, book a big room, set out a large group of chairs, set up a sound system, drive all night, and no one shows? The short answer? Worship anyway.

You might not understand this, but it is one of the most challenging things you will encounter in ministry. Recently we continued our “Wake Up Tour” where we travel around the State of Kansas and minister to people calling them to “Awaken to the King of Heaven and move in His plans and purposes” more or less. We have had some great meetings, and The Presence of God has fallen in our meetings to change lives.

This past Friday we packed up in the car and drove about 4 hours  to a little town in the southwest. We were not expecting a huge turn out of hundreds, but we have contacted many churches in the area and based on their responses we expected a decent crowd. Our meeting was even listed on the front page of the paper. We had rented a building at the 4H fairgrounds and I was setting up my equipment to lead worship. When it came time to begin the meeting, there were 4 people in attendance, and 3 of them were regional coordinators who helps set the meeting up.

What do you do when this happens? You were expecting to have a service and to impact lives and to change the world, but you only see a few people in front of you. The simple thing to do would be to pack it in and try again the second night. However this is not the attitude that I hold. I was prepped and ready to go, so I went. I played my guitar for almost and hour. We worshiped as a group, and the spirit of Prophecy came into the room and I began to release words of life over the people I was ministering to. It was powerful and they were greatly blessed by the time of worship we had together. Then Lisa got up and preached the Word of the Lord. It was a strong word of Destiny over the city, the region, and its inhabitants, and only four people heard it.

The thing about words however, is that they are a vibration. They cause a shaking, even if it is minuscule and  you can’t see the ripples they cause. When our words enter the atmosphere, there is a release. As we speak God’s word over people, cities, regions, and nations, The word of God causes a shaking. It is his word that holds all things together (Hebrews 1:3) It was his word that Spoke it all into being (Genesis 1) and when we release His word it carries that power. Not because we are great, but because His word is great.

So we pressed on. To a normal person, this could have been a discouragement, but you see, to the ones who view through God’s eyes, you see the breakthrough. While we were ministering out of town, God was orchestrating breakthroughs in other areas of the ministry, back home and overseas. He was opening doors not only in our City, but also our state, and Internationally. While we were doing what seems like a small thing in western Kansas, God did something big for our ministry everywhere else. It was so amazing to know that while we think nothing is happening, we don’t know what God is doing.

I am excited, and in the next few weeks I hope that some of these breakthroughs will lead to big things and I will get to tell you all about it.


Israel Update 1

We have made it to israel. Our delay in philly gave us time to reconnect with our american roots and spiritual heritage. Our first day in israel consisted of driving to our hotel, with a brief stop on the mediteranian sea. We prayed for the seas to be restored for God’s Glory. Today we have spent time on a boat in the Sea of Gallilee which is called Genessaret. We were out on the waters worshiping the King of Kings. I am stopping briefly here to get out this update, but time is marching, I must go