The ministry that the Lord has entrusted to me is a great blessing, but it doesn’t happen without faithful men and women who share in the vision. Partnering together for the advancement of the Kingdom of God is vital to the success and longevity of a ministry.

This partnership looks like many different things. First and foremost is prayer. I zealously desire that you would be willing to remember me when you into the place of prayer. Pray for me personally, for the churches I am working with, for the people God is putting before me to minister to, and for clarity in direction. I cannot stress enough the value of intercession. The more people that are praying, the move I believe can be accomplished.

Secondly, perhaps you have heard of the missions work. Perhaps you have heard the testimonies of the lives changed all around the world and you want to sow into that and support financially the kingdom work. This is an important blessing because not only do I need finances to do that work, but when you sow financially into my life and my ministry it shows that you are belting blessed by the work of the ministry, that you share the vision, and that you are willing to be an active part of what God is doing in the earth.

I am not a 501C3 organization, and so I want to be upfront with you that any donations that you give to the kingdom work are not tax deductible. I have chosen not to become a governmental not-for-profit because I do not want to be bound to the government. There are many regulations given to nonprofits that affect what they can say and do. I desire to be clear in the preaching of the word and I do not want to curb the truth of the Gospel to protect a nonprofit status. If you are still interesting in supporting the kingdom work there are several ways to sow a seed.

First you can send it to me directly via the mail. My physical mailing address is

1390 N 1293 rd
Lawrence, KS

Also, you can sow electronically via the Pay-Pal service. If you want to send support electronically, my pay-pal address is You can send a pay-pal gift anytime.

The third way you can partner with me is by having me come and minister in your church services, conferences, concerts, etc. I am a worship leader, a teacher of God’s Holy Word, and I love to minister to to individuals. I have been blessed to minister to thousands this year and seen many signs, wonders, salvations, prophetic words, encouragements, words of knowledge, and more.

I deeply thank you from the bottom of my heart for even reading this. I pray that God would continue to bless your life in every way, but especially that you would encounter His presence more and more each day and that it would become the Marker of your life. Thanks

– Mathew Garrett Reames


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