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The Happy Gospel School

I wanted to share something with you all briefly. I am really excited about this. My friend, Author, Worship Leader, & Missionary, Benjamin Dunn is coming to Kansas City this month. Some of you might remember that I have reviewed some of his previous music, and I highly recommend it.

Besides his music, He is also an author. His book “Happy Gospel” is a book about the exceeding love and grace of God the father. April 19th and 20th Ben will be teaching a “Happy Gospel School” in Kansas City at the Boiler Room. For two whole days, Ben and his wife Stephanie will be teaching from this book, and then expanding on it and helping to activate it in your life.

We have a Good, Good Father. He paid a high price to reconcile us, and He loves us. Join us at the Boiler Room for two days of teaching, worship, love and encounter with a Holy God. If you haven’t felt like God is passionate about you and He loves you, this is for you. If you struggle with receiving love, because of failed relationships, this is for you. If you don’t feel like you can come to God, this is for you. We have an awesome God, and His love is so strong.

The two day conference is $25 and if you want to Register and get a copy of Ben’s book, that is $40.  So if you aren’t sure, let me show you the promotional video that Benn put together for this school.

I love Ben, and see the passion of God all over him. You can’t be around him and not feel the love of God overflowing. So If you are interested let me give you the full details and the registration link. If you register, let them know that you heard about it from me.

Venue – Kansas City Boiler Room
Address – 3829 Main St, Kansas City
Dates – April 19-20, 2013
Time – 11am-5pm & 7-9pm Friday & Saturday