Who Am I?


Allow me to introduce myself. I am Mathew Garrett Reames. I am passionately in love with Jesus Christ. I am a musician, a missionary, a worshiper, a love of the word, a teacher, and much more.

I have worked with many awesome ministries around the world. I have had the honor of being a part of my home church Eagle Rock, in Lawrence, KS for several years now. My passion for the Gospel of the Kingdom has increased exponentially in that time.

By the calling of the Lord I made a radical life decision I stepped into full time ministry. I have done missions work in India, Nepal, Israel, Mexico, Jamaica, Guatemala, Peru, and plan to continue the Gospel to many more nations.

I have also been blessed to partner with many ministries to lead worship at local churches, conferences, house churches, and more. I have also had the opportunity to preach and teach the word of God in many of these same places.

However, while I am passionate about the Word of God, I am also passionate for the people of God. I have had the privilege to minister to the body of Christ and seen many healed, saved, delivered, and encouraged through personal ministry and the power of the Holy Spirit.

I am grateful to God that He has and continues to open doors for me to carry His message and minister to His people. I am further grateful for people who have caught the vision of the kingdom and have also felt led to partner with me to see God’s Kingdom advanced. If you are interested in learning ways you can partner with me for the Kingdom purposes, please visit my “Partner” page.

As you read this website, recognize that it is a place where I can share all of the wild thoughts that are running through my heart. Some of them are theological and deep. Some of them are artistic and fancy. Most of them are odd and confusing. I am not a fancy person. However I recognize the benefit of sharing the wisdom, revelation, and insights that God gives me.

Aside from just doing king work, I love to read and learn. I am a fan of art and music. I like to create as well. I like to writer, sing, make melody. I just love the beauty of art and even more the beauty of creating art. When we are willing to enjoy the beauty of the world and contribute to it, we are displaying a portion of the nature of our God.

YHVH was the most creative person ever. He formed and fashioned everything that is. He painted the sunsets and sculpted galaxies. He carved out the mountains and sculpted humanity out of the earth. But He didn’t stop there, He breathed His breath into us. He has given us His Spirit and so I believe that creativity is part of our portion.

As much fun as it is to create, it is also great to enjoy creation. God gifted us with so much beauty in the earth. From the sights, to flavors, to scents, to even the very ability to touch things and feel them. I believe humanity is graces with the JOY to enjoy the earth. So do not be shocked if sometimes I share things that I find joy in, or beauty in. Because I do get excited by it. I do hope that you enjoy the things I write and the things I share. Its a vulnerable thing to put life on the internet. To share experiences. But I want you to share in my life and partake in my experiences.


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