He Satisfies…

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Part of the ongoing human condition is this concept of Longing. Day in and day out, all of humanity is longing. Longing means to desire. Humanity is filled with desire, yet no matter how hard we try, we cannot find satisfaction. You know it, I know it, and the Rolling Stones know it.

The problem is that there is indeed a longing at the core of the human existence. So, we struggle on in the search for satisfaction. We overload our senses with experiences. Music, Television, Movies, Art, Literature, Adventure, and anything else that we think will give us a moment of satisfaction.

Why? What makes humanity so hungry for a moment of satisfaction that we are willing to spend our lives chasing it? I believe that satisfaction is a longing of the Human heart because YHVH, the creator of the universe and the architect of the human heart put it there.

I believe that we search and we struggle to find satisfaction becuase God has intended it. The problem is He designed this longing so that only He can fulfill it.

The Longing for Satisfaction is a craving that only God can fulfill. Imagine if you are desperate for chocolate. You can eat a thousand things, and some might even taste Good, but they aren’t Chocolate. Try peanut butter. Sorry, its not chocolate. Honey? Nope, not chocolate. You are not satisfied with peanut butter or honey because you crave Chocolate.

Humanity has a craving for God that is literally encoded into our heart. So, now let’s look at the scripture. Psalm 107:9 Says this of God, “For He satisfies the longing soul, And fills the hungry soul with goodness.” When the psalmist said this, he was surrendering to the truth of the human condition. He was surrendering to the fact that only God can satisfy the longing of the Heart.


The most interesting thing about being satisfied in God is that when we ask Him to satisfy us, he fills us with Goodness. God doesn’t give us bad things, or even ok things. God gave us the best thing possible, He gave us Himself.

It doesn’t take a doctorate in thermodynamics to know that everything is getting worse. Scientists say that Everything will naturally fall from perfection until it is totally wrecked. This is not just true of the universe, but it is true of human life. Even when we want to do the right thing, we continually choose the opposite. Our lives progress through an endless struggle of trying to get the things that make life better. This is the result of Sin in humanity. As much as I would like to blame sin on Adam and Eve, I know sin and failure is just as much mine to own as it was theirs.

See, but even in sin, there was a longing for perfection. A longing for satisfaction. The Psalmist was right. Only YHVH can satisfy, and he does it  in the form of Jesus reconciling the world to Himself on the Cross. My sin tells me to “Go to hell” but Christ and His righteousness screams “COME to me.” He is my satisfaction. He is my Joy. As I live and abide in him, I overflow with the fruit of His spirit. Love and Joy become my portion where sorrow and shame had once laid hold.

I am not perfect, but I know who is. I may not have it all figured out, but I know that as I stay close to Him, It all comes together. Grace is the opposite of Karma. Grace is the opposite of Chaos. Grace is restoration and reconciliation. Grace is someone giving everything to bring me back into a family. I am satisfied in Christ. I am satisfied in the Kingdom. I am satisfied in this family.

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