Review: Planetshakers – Nothing Is Impossible

The newest album from Australian worship team Planetshakers Nothing Is Impossible is their first studio album in 5 years. Planetshakers has been around for over a decade now and haven’t gained much exposure here in America. They were nominated for a Dove Award for Worship Album of the Year in 2002. However since then they haven’t seen much distribution of their music here in the states. Their most widely known song is healer which gained exposure when Hillsong, Kari Jobe, and many others recorded it. Its important to know this, because it gives you an idea of the scope of this ministry. They hold an anual Youth Conference which brings in over 20,000 people every year and they have 2 churches in Australia, as well as recently opening a campus in South Africa.

Track 2 on the album is a solidly guitar driven praise song. Bring It On has the drive to really energize your congregation. The guitar has lots of fuzz and dirt to really bring the energy to the next level. The song is simple and singable and would work well in a more modern worship setting. Its heavy drive is a bit much for an average church, but the song could be drawn back by lowering the guitar effects to make it perfect in any congregation.

Track 4 is the title track Nothing is Impossible. It has been recorded twice before in the live albums Beautiful Saviour: Acoustic Sessions, and One. It is a great song, and features Israel Houghton. The song has a strong classic U2 guitar vibe which really drives the song. The Blend between the vocals of Israel Houghton and Planetshakers frontman Joth Hunt really adds to the dynamic of this song. This is one that would work in any congregation and really builds the faith of the people in your congregation.

No One Like You is one of my personal favourites on the album. It’s a slow intimate worship song. driven by the piano witha soft pad backing. This song is focused on the character, nature, and attributes of God. The whole song is about bringing honor to God by reminding him who he is. I love songs like this, not because He needs to be reminded, but because we get the opportunity to thank him through these songs. This slow song will really draw you into worship, and is simple to perform in any church.

Song of Victory is a great song for the youth services. Its fast and heavy with a strong dance beat, turntables, and a hard driver guitar. The whole thing blends together for an anthem song of praise for the Lord. This song has the energy to really get a youth group pumped. This is one that is worth doing in your youth services.
This is a great album and well worth the money. If you have never heard of Planetshakers before you are in for a treat. I can honestly say there wasn’t a song on this album that didn’t fit. It is definitely more suited for a youth group, but will be great for anyone who likes high energy praise and intimate passionate worship.


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